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traveling coin trade off?


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This has probably been asked before, but I need a quick answer and can't find one in recent topics. (and I'm posting in the TB board too since it applies to both)


I am going somewhere soon where lots of people will be gathering from all over the US. A subgroup of us who like geocaching will be getting together to chat and meet. I would like to trade any traveling coins from my area for others from people who are far away. That way, we get people's coins to move far and can likely help many on their way to a goal.


Here's the dilema.....

The place we are going is a private get-together on private land. The coordinates of this place are not to be posted at all. I know the milage will be off because of this, but what would be proper protocol on how to log this trade? For example....I live in Ohio. Say this gathering is happening in Tennessee. Someone from California comes and we trade coins. Then she takes the ones I gave her back home to Cali and releases them there, while I take hers back to Ohio for release. Is there a way to just mark that she passed them off to me without logging coordinates? These will not be put in a cache during our trade...it will just pass hands. I don't want to log these as coordinates, because there is NO cache in the location we are meeting.


Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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