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Hiking Goals for this year

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I am just getting started in hiking, been building up my supplies for the last month or so. As soon as most of the snow is gone I plan on hitting some of the small hills around where I live, then move on to bigger and better things. My goal by the end of the season is to do at least one 4,000 footer up in the White Mountains. Nothing overnight planned this year, might move on to that next year. Right now the budget isn't there for overnight stuff.

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Oops--forgot that I answered this one last year! Well, here are this year's goals:


Goal #1: Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. I go in Jun 3 with my brother. His first, my second.


Goal #2: Half Dome. This one depends on getting relocated to California, which depends on our house in Chicago getting sold. The Yosemite Association does an overnite hike that gets you on the rock pretty early in the morning, hours before the crowds (and afternoon thunderstorms) arive.

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Grand Canyon Rim-To-Rim. I'm scheduled for Sept. 15.

I did that a few years ago the last week of Sept. Inner canyon temps were 95+ each day we were there. A little warm, but otherwise a great hike.


Hike was amazing--100° at Bright Angel, but humidity so low, it wasn't particularly noticeable. I am doing it again June 3. This time, I am going for a steak dinner at Phantom Ranch!


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We've begun our 10 milers ..in preparation for a summer excursion! The Continental Divide Trail. Although it's long from being completed here, there are sections (San Pedro Parks Wilderness) that are 60 miles or so long.


Anyhow..we're doing 1 -10 miler a week and'll hit 10-15 miles a day in "The Parks". Dan

I'm looking at 10+ milers this year as well. With my once a month hikes, my goal is to accomplish 120 miles this year. I'm building up my endurance for next year's bucket list.


I'm already 10 miles behind but I expect to make that up.

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Well Im 40 now and havent hiked since I was in boy scouts. I am going on my first day hike with my wife this saturday up in Wrightwood. I was at my dads last night and he had as his desktop photo a pic of him and my brother up at San Jacinto peak. I asked him where the pic of me was. He said I never went to the peak. He said I hiked up there to a camp ground but we didnt do the peak. Well thats on the list to do in the next 5 years. I quit smoking 4 years ago gained a lot of weight and now its time to get serious for myself, my wife, and my little girls. :)

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I can't wait to get back on the trail! My usual hiking partner has succumb to the pressure from his wife to cut back on his hiking so we're only going to do ONE section of the AT this fall. We're thinking about the Roller Coaster section south of Harpers Ferry. But I have another couple of friends who are interested in a circuit hike in the southern portion of Shenandoah. That actually has the potential to be pretty cool since it's all backcountry camping.

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Wow, I'm glad to see this thread is still going...


I have several hikes in mind this spring/summer/fall that I didn't get too last year. Mostly in the Smoky Mtns, Ozarks, and North Alabama...


And I want to do my first overnight trip (I've only ever done day hikes)....my boyfriend has a place picked out...though I can't think of the name off the top of my head. So if you have any pointers for a first time overnighter, feel free to share! :blink:

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I have a few trips in mind that aren't really goals... I'm thinking about a trip up to Franconia Notch in New Hampshire for a big loop on the Franconia Ridge Trail and the Kinsman Ridge trail. Very pretty up there. I have a 4 day weekend for Labor day (the holiday in combination with a 9/80 schedule) and we're planning to go up to Acadia National Park, we're staying on Isle Au Haut for two nights (just got confirmation back last night, woohoo!) and will be kayaking to it B) I can't wait! Over memorial day were planning on going up to Vermont and hiking up Mts. Mansfield & Ascutney in between brewpubs.


It's a bit of a further drive, but I'd like to do Kathadin this year too.. We went out west in the summer and since then I've been aching for some mountains. I know we don't have much out here, so I guess my goal is to take maximum advantage of what we do have :rolleyes:


We just started climbing at a local rock gym, so I guess a more long term goal is to do more technical climbs. I think the seed was planted when we were in Wyoming and stood staring in awe at the climbers on Devils Tower. That's not hiking, but I'd like to get on top of that at some point. I'll set my 30th birthday as a goal (that's 4 years) We did a 23 mile loop hike in Grand Teton, but climbing UP (the) Grand Teton is something else I would eventually love to do.

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My goal is to hike the entire Bruce Trail, which is about 900km long and spans from Queenston (Niagara) to Tobermory (Bruce Peninsula) Ontario. A small group of cachers decided to hike together most Saturdays to complete the trail. We started last summer, took the winter off and have completed about 200km so far. We hike 15-20 km per day on average, while picking up caches along the way.

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I hike year round, but this year I'm going to try snowshoeing. I love to hike in the snow and have taken some long hikes in deep snow with just my winter boots, but it is very tough going and you get very tired after awhile. My snowshoes will be here in a couple of weeks...I can't wait. I have a perfect 6 mile canyon hike I take in the summer, that I have already taken with just a foot or so of snow on the ground a few weeks ago, that I want to try them out on. There is at least a couple of feet or more in this area now and I have been in this area before when there was waist high plus snow on the ground. Here are a some pictures of this trail a few weeks ago when I was out hiking it.









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