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Hiking Goals for this year

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Hello all you avid hikers! I was just wondering if you had any "hiking goals" for this year? Are there any certain places that you've had your eyes set on that you want to conquer this year and are making plans to do so?


I'm in the process of setting up some "hiking goals" for the Great Smoky Mtn. area. Just wondering where everyone else is heading this year?!


Are the hikes you are planning day trips, or for multiple days?


Thanks for sharing! :drama:

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We are day hikers. In eleven more wake ups we are heading to Hawaii for a seven day cruise, three days post cruise in Honolulu and then another seven days on Kauai. Instead of flip-flops and snorkel gear we are bringing our hiking boots and packs. Especially looking forward to Kauai. There are a number of semi-remote caches we hope to snag hiking through the jungle.

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I have hit most of the big trails with 150 miles of the house, but I have two that I am going to try to find time to hit this year. The Fiery Gizzard trail near Monteagle Mountain is supposed to be seriously strenuous, but with beautiful views, it will be a weekend hike. I am also planning on hiking every section of the Cumberland Trail, beginning with the existing trails and then filling in as the connecting trails open up. I thought about waiting for the entire thing to be completed and doing a through hike, but I am not getting any younger and my knees are feeling much older this year than they did last year, so I figure I might as well get started.

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When I got a bit older, wanted to through hike the AT.

Never was interested much when I was younger (you know, the "discovered" girls/cars thing) and now with work and other responsibilities, the times just not there.

Still can't hit the powerball either... so I try to get segments when I can.


Would like to finish a few more AT segments , Harrisburg-Harper's Ferry and the remainder of New Jersey, Vernon-Stokes.


I believe they're both doable within schedule/time frame alloted.

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I already have vacation approved from May 16-22 for a trip to the Bruce Peninsula, including a kayak trip and overnight on Flowerpot Island.


And I also have vacation approved and a schedule planned from Aug 18-Sept 5th for a 118.5 mile trek around Isle Royale.


May 2, a new REI opens in Ann Arbor. I intend to be first in line. I have lots of new gear to purchase.

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Just to hike as much as possible. Same as always.


Actually I do have a goal. I'm building two new hiking trails. Though I've done some of that before, this is the first time that I conceived the idea, got it approved, chose the basic routes and scouted them and flagged them all myself. My goal is to have them cleared and blazed within the next 2 months. I'm pretty psyched about it. The trails will bring hikers through a little used, but extremely pretty section of a state forest.

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My goal this summer is to "Walk the Wauk", the portion of the Ice Age Trail that runs through Waukesha County -- ideally Holy Hill to Kettle Moraine South. Planning to tackle in segments rather than through hike.


When I got a bit older, wanted to through hike the AT.

Never was interested much when I was younger (you know, the "discovered" girls/cars thing) and now with work and other responsibilities, the times just not there.

Still can't hit the powerball either... so I try to get segments when I can.


Would like to finish a few more AT segments , Harrisburg-Harper's Ferry and the remainder of New Jersey, Vernon-Stokes.


I believe they're both doable within schedule/time frame alloted.


My cousin Brian solved the whole girls/cars thing and through-hiked the AT a few summers back after he graduated from college. How? He hiked with his girlfriend (they are still together and are planning on a June wedding, so you know she is a "keeper") and then went to work as an automotive engineer with GM. He keeps threatening me to come over to visit so he can show me around the Presidentials in NH (he works in upstate NY). Not sure my flat-land physique can handle that nonsense.

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To hike the entire Kal Haven Trail here in Michigan. It's a rails to trails, trail. Not continously but bits and pieces on short day hikes throughout the summer. 3 miles completed so far (actual 6 miles of hiking because it's not a loop) with my 14 month old son on my back.

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I made hiking every weekend my resolution this year. So far I have only skipped 4 weekends. In January 2 miles would kick my butt...up to 6 miles now. My next planned hike will be 7.8 miles on the Grassy Cove(Brady Mtn) trail, which is part of the Cumberland Trail, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

I adpoted a section of the Cumberland Trail near my house last week, and am hoping to get a 50 miler award by the end of the year. My friend and fellow cacher lets me tag along while he does trail maintenance and makes maps for the CT website. I've been learning about trail reports, and how the state will reimburse various organizations for volunteer work you can do while you hike, as well as give them money based on the mileage you drove to hike/volunteer there.

The CT, which will stretch across TN is being built by volunteer work only, and we plan on volunteering for some trailbuilding in the near future. I guess that gives me a new goal.

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I want to hike a place called eternal flame watefalls. A natural gas flame burns naturally behind a natural waterfall. Its by buffalo ny


When I do it I will be sure to post it on my website forum adventurehiker.com


(psss... go sign up and help me get it going!)


Wow Matt, that waterfall sounds so cool. The "flick the flame on" picture is a nifty trick, but it made me skeptical. I grew up near Buffalo and spent many winter days sledding at Chestnut Ridge Park, never knew about that. I'll have to check it out next time I go back to visit mom!

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I've got a hike planned, the Wonderland Trail, 14 day Itinarary approved and reserved. Fortunatly for me, I picked a start date in mid august so there shouldn't be too much snow on the trails then.

I expect pictures. Lots of pictures. <_<


I've got a digital camera that can survive the elements, including taking pictures under water. I also have an external drive that I can dump my memory cards to so I have over 80GB of space available... I'll try and use it all B)

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It is always, at least since I began geocaching, my goal to get out and do more hike-oriented caching. I do have a ten day 60 mile hike planned for August that will take us generally from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass (not on the PCT). There are a few caches along the way, mostly at the beginning and end of the route.


drakebrimstone; the Wonderland Trail sounds like a great trip. I have done many hikes on Rainier, including Camp Muir, but never the entire Wonderland trail. I hope you take some good pics for us.


Happy Caching

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My goal for the season is 100 miles, and since I am already at 30 as of June 13th, it is looking good. My destinations are near home in western MA:


Quabbin Reservoir trails

Appalachian Trail sections in MA (a few, not all)

Sections of the Metacomet-Monadnock which runs the length of the state and is very nearby indeed

Maybe the section of the Robert Frost trail at Mt. Toby in Sunderland, MA


I would like to do a two night 3 day hike on either the AT in MA or VT, and I have the time off in August, but family pressures and the lack of an experienced hiking partner might prohibit it. Any candidates?

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One single goal -- to get back in to the wild. I had taken a hiatus from backpacking for several years, not for any one reason -- too frequent a sailboat racing schedule, an aging dog who could no longer go on long walks, too far drives from home to hiking areas, and just plain ennui-- all just built up to no backpacking for too long a time.


Well, after this sailing season, one of my boat crews will probably disband after ten+ years, my beloved dog has moved on to a higher plane, and I've done a lot of overseas traveling to realize that we whine way too much about our price of gas here in the US... so this winter's project is to completely revitalize my hiking gear from the boots up and hit the trails by January.


Briansnat -- how about another Catskill Backpacking event? I fondly remember that milestone -- my 100th cache...

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My hiking goal this year is to get out on a trail somewhere with my friendly automotive repair guy... and Totem Lake. If Ironman could make it, that would be a bonus.


Oh, and some sun.





Well time is running out fast for your goal of a hike with me included.


I did kinda make my goal today. I wanted to get at least one good hike in this year. Criminal and I tried to hike to Wonder Lake in the Wonder Mountain Wilderness in the SE corner of the Olympics just outside of the National park. We were to stay 3 days and fish and place an ammo can for a cache.


After 8 hours of hiking most of which was up a 60-75° slope and both of us with empty water bags we made a dry camp. The next morning we decided to abort and head down still 800 feet shy of the ridge line and 1/3 mile from our goal. It was 2 hrs downhill to the main trail and 2 more to our vehicle.


Even though we failed our target I did get in a good hike with a 65 pound pack.


Now I can schedule my heart valve replacement surgery with a happy heart! biggrin.gif


Only a couple of months left CG!!



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We live near Jim Thorpe, PA, and we are always going somewhere differnt. This fall we actually just want to stay local and hike at our local state parks. We have so many great ones close by. We really want to go spend a few days at Hickory Run state park and find the 20 + letterboxes there and grab some geocaches too. Boulder Field is there as well. Rickets Glenn State Park is another great one that is close to us. Too many to name.

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Simply to hike more. I don't get out nearly as much as I'd like to. And to really backpack. I've really only done that once, years ago.

Plans are well underway for an overnight in the Jordan River Valley next month! It's supposed to be one of best hikes in lower Michigan, some say THE best. Can't wait! Hopefully this will be the start of at least one backpack trip annually.

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I'm hoping to finally go back and finish Peekamoose Mountain in the Catskills this year. Cut short an earlier attempt and always wanted to go back so this fall that's my mission. :lol:


Add to my goals-- finish climbing the Catskills... I have Friday, Balsam Cap and Sherrill left on my 3500 list. I almost topped them all when I lived near Hancock, NY in the early 80's.


(Peekamoose 4/8/83)


...and finish the Northville Placid trail in the Adirondacks. I walked it end to almost end twice, but have never finished the last miles from Duck Hole into Lake Placid, instead heading into the High Peaks. I have walked the missing section seperately, but I have to walk in one complete walk for me to say I did it.

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At this point my goals are rather symplistic. Considering I was in a car accident back in April that broke my ankle and leg, and tore some knee ligaments, I'll happy be if I can limp down a trail in the woods by year's end. And hopefully be to the point of attempting backpacking again by this time next year.

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Thought I would push this topic back to the top for the new year...

So, what are your hiking/backpacking goals for 2009?

I'll start...

I've been slowly building up my equipment to graduate from dayhiking to some overnighters and weekend trips, so my first goal is to go to my parents farm in early spring and practice my camping skills and become familiar with my equipment. Next, would be a weekend backpacking trip to Itasca State Park, where the Mississippi River begins,and is a very beautiful park. Some day hikes on the North Country Trail and Superior Hiking trail, and as my expereince and confidence grow, some backpacking trips as well. There are many caches on these trails, so Ill be able to grab those on the way.

So, how about you?

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