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"Not Quite" Benchmarks

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I've encountered a few of these now, so I thought I'd "log" one of my "masquerading marks" and see if anyone else had run into others fitting into this category. You know, objects that raised your expectations, only to end by dashing your hopes.


I was out hunting yesterday and thought I was getting close. I "found" this one:




However, a close look at the obverse of my "mark" revealed this imposter for what it really was:




Oh well, back to the Description again... :drama:

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I had that happen to me at the CITO event here. We were hiking to the next cache when in the corner of my eye, I saw a dark brass disk set in concrete at the base of an electrical pole. I ran over to it saying, "Oh, a benchmark!" Turned out to be a Copenhagen can set in concrete.

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