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What does your coin collection weigh?

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So, I realized tonight that my coin collection weighed MORE than my 4 month old son. ;)


It (my coin collection) weighs 24.5 pounds according to my digital bathroom scale and my son weighs 18 pounds even. :)


I've seen some folks struggle to get their coin collection to a coin event and I started to wonder..... You know... Alllllll that metal.....


So, any idear what your collection weighs? :ph34r:


(Just a side note. I included pathtags & non-trackable coins as well.)

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I wondered about this myself. The rough answer is that it takes 2-3 trips because of the weight to bring them all down from the office to the dining room to do any sorting (that doesn't count the coins in the four display cases). By comparison, my curling weights I can carry in one shot down the steps and they're set at 60lbs right now. So I'd hazard a guess somewhere between 120 and 150 pounds? :ph34r:;)

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Mine tipped the scales at around 95lbs!

Less the weight of 2 binders, a 18"x13" briefcase & a small overnight bag with wheels (that I nabbed from my wifes luggage! B) )


Minus all that, I'd guess-timate around 85lbs. B)


You know one day I'm gonna have to break down and take an inventory of what I actually have. I've got a bunch of AE coins that would make for good trades. (Sadly, it's been so long since I got the AE's that I'm not even sure which are the regular ones and which are the AE's :D ) It's definately gonna be a big undertaking to figure out exactly what is valuable and what isn't. I'd venture to say that 90% of my collection is unactivated. B)

I keep all my special gifts & trades that I've done in the binders, so those won't be going anywhere!! :D


Or... Hmmmm, here's an idea :D Maybe an Ebay auction to raise money to help offset the TRIPLED cost of our car insurance after adding on our 16 year old daughter!! :D


Hey honey! I've got good news!! I just made a bunch of money selling my geocoins to pay GEICO!! ;):D


D-man :D

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I use one of these to roll my collection around....




The problem is, I have more binders than the crate will hold. So I have added one of these...




it fits nicely on the top, but now the two crates are so heavy that the aluminum handle for the rolling crate feels like it's going to break if I'm not careful.


I'm thinking soon I'm gonna have to break down and get one of these...



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Last time I weighed em it was about 75 Lbs...I can only estimate that has jumped over the 100lb mark...I thought about posting this same question.

Much easier to weigh your coins than to count em all! I included my boxes, binders and everything else that hold my coins, but that'd only be a few Lbs worth of coin housing material ;)

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No scales here, it'd scare me to know how much I weigh! With only about 300 coins, it can't be too much though.


I'd say around 8 lbs.


WOW, you don't realize just HOW much you 2 look like "identical" twins until you are posted right on top of each other :lol:

I never noticed that either,,,, too funny,,,


Ok back on topic.

I may have to agree with DD on this, I don;t even want to know how much metal we are lugging around.


Now that I have to carry it all, I guess I will find out soon enough.

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WOW! I sw some great weight numbers!!!

Well my collection so far, and counting the coins i have in my hands, and not coins that are on my way or out, (I only have one out that is comming to me, and 2 geocoins from cointests that haven't received yet), weights....430 gramars! :lol:


Sorry I do not know how to turn them in oz! If 1oz is 28gr, my collection weights a little more than 15 oz! :P

Hey I weighted them with their plastic sleeves, if they had a chain, with it...(travel express)....


If I cound the April fools coin of 007BigD, his signature penny, and 2 pathtags, I am going to 480 gr!!! :)


Well..... I have a tiny collection! :D

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I just started collecting this passed February or so and have about 60 geocoins (no path tags to speak of), amounting to roughly 1 1/2 mortgage payments :lol: I don't know how that translates to pounds/kgs. (no scales in the house for the sake of my ego), but I know it's probably the beginning of what will become a large, painful hernia.

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I have wondered this so often, that when I saw the question in the forums, I had to get out the scale... I thought about carrying my coins up to the bathroom, but ugh, they're so heavy! So, I brought the scale down to my office.....


I weighed them in the binders, but I'm sure that only adds about a pound, if that. My husband walked in as I stepped on the scale holding 2 binders of coins. He saw the number and said, "How much of that weight is coins???" It was rather high :lol:


A drumroll please.......... My collection weights 216 pounds!!!

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