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Acronym Definition

OPR Office of Primary Responsibility

OPR Operator

OPR Office of Population Research (Princeton University)

OPR Office of Prime Responsibility

OPR Office of Professional Responsibility

OPR Office of Public Record

OPR Office of Public Relations (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)

OPR Officer Performance Report

OPR Offre Publique de Retrait

OPR Offsite Procurement Request

OPr Old Prussian (linguistics)

OPR Ongoing Precision Recovery

OPR Operate

OPR Operating Pressure Ratio (jet engine compression ratio)

OPR Operational Project Requirements

OPR Operations

OPR Optical Pattern Recognition

OPR Optical Power Received

OPR Optimal Page Replacement

OPR Oracle Parallel Server (HP)

OPR Organización de Protección Reconocida

OPR Organization of Primary Responsibility

OPR Organization of the People of Rodrigues (Mauritius)

OPR Organizational Process Record

OPR Organizational Profitability Reporting

OPR Orthogonal Projection Routine

OPR Other People's Resources

OPR Outside Plant Repeater (Hekimian)


Other than that.... I have no clue =P

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:) I thought that was UPR=Unnatural Pile of Rocks. :ph34r:


Or UPS - Unnatural Pile of Sticks. Or that big pile of mossy stuff is usually a dead give away. There's lots of those in that Geocaching list, but no OPR.


I found a cache the other day that was hidden under a bunch of palm tree fronds and such, but there wasn't a palm tree for another couple hundred feet. ;)

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These are my guesses, I hope you enjoy.


OPR = Obvious Pile of Rocks. Isn't it Obvious?

OPR = Obscure Pile of Rocks. It's so Obscure...

OPR = Original Pile of Rocks. So Original, it's SCARY!

or my person favorite

OPR = Ostentatious Pile of Rocks. So very Ostentatious, wouldn't you say?


I found an OPR reference in the description of this cache. GC3W3TM

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