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How the heck do I get into APRS?

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Granted, I've not been active in the ham community in a loooooong time ('93 or '94). I've maintained my license since then just because I studied too hard to get it and don't want to lose it. Plus getting licensed while in middle school/high school caused me no end of grief. LOL


Anyway, I'm looking around and googling about this APRS stuff. Wow. I can't find a good source on how to get started in it. Can anybody recommend a site or something? Everything I can find was written years ago and references using DOS based software or System 7 era Mac OS stuff.


I know I need A)a gps receiver and B) an aprs capable transceiver, but that's about it.


Thanks guys. It might just be that this can get me back to using my license again.

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There are several different tracking devices out there. I would recommend the Tiny Tracker




Or, you could go other routes of getting one of the new kenwood radios that have the TNC and the APRS firmware already loaded onto it. Hope this helps!


Check out my APRS tracker at http://map.findu.com/ab8ve





Thanks. I was looking at the Kenwood HT. I'm still unclear on this whole thing though. Do I need software running at home to make this thing work?

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APRS creator's home page http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprs.html

APRS wiki article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_Pos...eporting_System


If you only want to send out your own location you don't need any software and with some radios you don't need any additional hardware except a GPS receiver.

If you want to see other people's locations then you need software such as UI-View or WinAPRS, assuming that you have any other hams running APRS in your area, or digipeaters, that are close enough for you to receive.

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A good start is the APRSSIG --


List-Subscribe: Subscription page


or send an email to aprssig-request@lists.tapr.org with the subject=subscribe


I think either of these two URLs will get you there. Be sure to let them know at the very beginning that you're not familiar with APRS but you want to give it a try.


I'm currently using the unit seen at hamhud.net but it requires a separate TNC and transceiver. The Kenwood rigs seem to work OK for transmitting your position, and I think other stations show up on their display, too, and they work fine for mobile use, the Kenwood HT would probably work on a bicycle.


Of course you can run any of these at home if you're so inclined, but it would be better to use one of the computer programs, UI-View being my choice. WinAPRS is also out there, and DosAPRS -- or maybe he calls it APRSdos -- (the original program which started it all).


Oh yeah, you can see me at Findu.com


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