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"Remember me (requires cookies)" sort of works.


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If I check the "Remember me (requires cookies)" box when I login to geocaching.com then I can come and go day after day without performing another login, until I login in from a different computer. Then, when I attempt geocaching.com from my Home PC it makes me login again. My wife and I share one User ID / handle. As strange as it sounds, we use different PCs. Geocaching.com will let us both login at the same time but, if one logs in then the other loses their cookie and must login on their next visit. Note that I'm using IE 7 and my wife uses IE 6.

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The cookies remember your IP address. So if you normally log in at home say under your AOL address as an example, and then you log in from your computer at work it now remembers that IP address. At least that's the way I understand it.


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From my knowlege, it doesn't work on the ip, it works with a cookie it saves onto your computer. I am getting on just fine on my laptop (it remembers me) but not on my desktop. This very is weird... :unsure:

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Based on what I've observed, every time you log on, gc.com overwrites the "userid" cookie with a new GUID (a globally unique identifier). It most likely stores this in a database, paired with your user ID (probably your profile GUID). The database will only have the most recent userid cookie GUID. So when you sign in from a different computer (at work, for example), that computer will get the new GUID, and the other computer now has a GUID that's no longer valid.


If you use Firefox, you can solve this problem by installing the Google Sync add-on. It keeps bookmarks and cookies in sync among multiple computers.

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