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grodan is coming!

grodan & fiabus

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Got a shippingdate. :) May 9 is said. Let´s hope that works out also.


I will be selling most of them, the rest is for trades and gifts. I don´t know the price yet. Will have to check the weight of them first for shippingfees. But I think they are worth the price I´m setting. :)


Interested can send email through the profile. I´ll answer all emails but due to timedifference it may take a while.


Hope you enjoy them.


grodan (the frog) Karin.

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Hmm, shipping date is now monday may 12. :ph34r:


So hopefully I will get them this week. :blink:


Will come back with pricing, have to check with shippingprices also. To bad the dollar verses SEK is so weak, the price is gonna look high. $1 is about SEK6,10 so it is going to look high even if it is not.


It has its own icon and prefix. 250 minted no more to be done as far as I know.


grodan Karin.

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Finally our frog got ready to be done. I´m very excited about it and would like to show the art from the mint to you. Please tell me what you think of it.


grodan is my cacher name and means the frog.



I think it´s cute and happy!


This is one of the cutest coins I've seen in awhile, very cheerful and fun!! WELL DONE!!


Can't afford any, but hope to make a trade in the near future???


CONGRATS on the great coin!!


Did I mention I LOVE copper??

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Here they are!


Top is copper, below is antique gold and right is nickel.


They will be sold by me only. Hopefully this is the first in a serie of 4 depending on how this works out.


1,5" 3mm thick, own icon, own prefix, no remint .


100 copper

100 nickel

50 antique gold




$10 each or

$27 for the set of all three

+ shipping $3,5 up to 3 frogs.


I know this seems much in US dollar but in SEK it is just fair, it is 60SEK per frog. It is a cute coin and I hope to make us familymembers one coin each in the future so I hope you will buy them.


Payment will be via paypal. (if I can figure it out) :)


If you want to buy please send me an email.


Thank you so much in advance.


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