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Probably a very dumb question:


The snow has finally melted and I'm ready to head out.

I went to ibycus.com and downloaded free topos. When I ran the .exe, it gave me a whole mess of .img files.


I have no idea how to use them.

As far as I know, to send to/from the Garmin etrex Venture HC, everything goes through the "mapsource" program.

That program won't recognize the .img files.


I know I am missing something very silly.

Thanks in advance.

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If you ran the installer then the maps have been installed "into" MapSource. So all you need to do is start MapSource and switch to the maps. This can done from the "Select a Product" drop down field - usually to the left on the toolbar. This can also be done by selecting the "View" menu and selecting the "Switch to Product" item...


Either way you should see a list of maps and one of them should be named "Ibycus..." - select that and you should see the new maps in MapSource.

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Just a quick question on this: If you put it on the GPS, in my case a Garmin Vista HCx, can it be removed later on for whatever reason; space limitations, bugs, etc. or would you need to do a hard reset of the device.

Every time you reload maps onto your unit the old ones are written over with the new mapset you put on the gps.In your case if you want to completely erase them all you can either put the card in a card reader and format it or access the card through the gps as a usb drive.

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