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Introducing "Dawn of the Faeries" Geocoin

Wandering Vikings

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Introducing "Dawn of the Faeries" Geocoin


Pre-Sales now open

Size: 2"

Thickness: 3.5mm

Colors: Antique Gold, Antique Copper, Antique Silver and Black Nickel LE.

Trackable: Yes, on Geocaching.com



We will post a picture of the actual coin as soon as the samples come in, which should be anytime now.

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Can we get an update on these coins?


The Black Nickel sold out in pre-sales, The antique Gold has since also sold out. There are still Antique silver and Antique copper coins available in-stock now. but their numbers are running low, and I suspect will also be sold out soon!


All orders for the 'Dawn of the Faeries" geocoins have shipped (if anyone ordered just Dawn of the Faeries geocoins, they should have recieved them by now) If anyone hasn't please contact me and I will check into your order.


Any Dawn of the Faeries geocoins ordered with the Celtic Sun geocoin shipped yesterday, and should be arriving in your mailbox soon!


Any ordered with the Key to the Cache 2008 geocoins will ship when the Key geocoins arrive from the mint.


I do have a few Dawn of the Faeries geocoins set aside for trades, anyone interested please email me


Thank you to everyone who has been interested in our coin!

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