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Wooden Nickel Contest

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I was fooling around with some various ideas to submit for a politically themed design contest at wooden-nickel.com. The first few I did were sort of cute and a poked fun at each of the candidates, then I came up with one that I fell in love with once it was done. It has been selected as one of the five finalists to be voted on by the public. If I win I get 100 free, but will be ordering some regardless once the contest is over.


If you feel so inclined, I hope you'll consider voting for it (design 4). It may be my next sig item, I may make it into a MAGC specific item, or just make it non-specific to either me or MAGC. Either way, they will be finding their way into caches once I get them.


For those of you would would like to vote, the applicable portion of the rules...


The entire Internet Community will be able to vote on this webpage from April 18th to April 30th, 2008 - OR vote in person at our company. Website will accept one vote per IP Address per day.


So you can actually vote early AND often.


I have ordered nickels for my Boy Scout troop and my own signature nickels from this company and have been very satisfied. I think I first heard of them through Mother Wolf who had posted about an ongoing deal where they will send you 4 free Support Our Troops nickels.


Chances are that the other finalists are not cachers, so if nothing else, just think of it as supporting one of our own. :((edit - actually, I've learned that design #5 was submitted by cacher USA45)


Thanks for your support,




(If you want to see the other designs I had submitted prior to this one, check out my flikr page.)

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First off, I would like to congratulate fellow cacher USA45 on her winning design and her 2600+ votes.


I'd like to thank everyone who voted for my nickel design, though.


I will be ordering a quantity of these once I come up with the back design. Watch for me at events and such and I'll be happy to provide you with one of your own. I'm also checking to see the best way for folks to be able to order quantities directly from wooden-nickel.com.


Final results...


Design 5 was the winner getting about 52.3% of the vote

Design 4 came in 2nd getting 39.7% (approx. 2000 votes!)

Design 2 came in 3rd with 3.6%

Design 1 came in 4th with 2.7%

Design 3 came in 5th with 1.9%


They appear to have contests about every 2 months, so I may be letting you know about another contest if I manage to get selected as a finalist again.


Once more, thank you!



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