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Extra Coins - Cointest...


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:P That was nice Keewee! :D

Well, I am between the one you saw and the one you will see now! the second one is the....Kitten in the cache! :D


Anyway...for the cointest now...I will say now....570


You saved the kitten from the giant green frog. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY




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Oh Pengo my friends! :-)

I really didn't know that!!! Really?? Only Venus rotates like that? So Earth and all the other planets are rotating differently? WOW!


Leafer! you were born on March 30th???


I was born on March 28th of 1975! :D


So...I will follow you and post as number my birthday too! I do not remember if I postes it already! :D

So.... my number for now is 328!


Well, that's it for now! I will go to sleep! Itis too late once again! :P

Goodnight/ day my friends!

Congratulations to the winners!!! (hope to be one! B) )

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