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Extra Coins - Cointest...


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I have not held a cointest for a VERY long time, and I have some extra coins. Now is my chance...


How to win? (ramdom...) Post a message with a number between 1 and 1500 - three will be random numbers, three will be ramdom posts - so include a number with your post!! Only the first person posting the number will win the coin.


How many winners? At least Six


How are the winners decided? Random Number generator


How often can you post? Once every 30 minutes


When will the cointest be over? 24 hours after I post the original message for the cointest.


What are you playing for? I have randomly packaged the following coins - and will put the winner's addresses on them. I will NOT know which one you will receive - six individual packages:


(2) Two - My Personal Geocoin: Metal - gold hard enamel

(2) Two - Minnesota GCA

(1) One - Boomerang Geocoin: Black Nickel

(1) One - Cashed and Confused (Copper)


BONUS: I will generate three additional "random" numbers... If the "winner" does not have one of my personal geocoins (in my database), I will drop the coin in the mail to them (nickel hard enamel)...


I hope I have covered everything. I hope this is fun for all of you!! Thanks for looking...


Please feel free to let me know your coin preferrence, but the coins are randomly packaged, so I can only do my best...


. OverTheEdge


P.S. It's late... I'm going to bed and will answer any question tomorrow. Thanks and sorry for any delays...


Edited for spellin'

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