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Cheapest place to find a Colorado 400t?

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I ordered a Vista HCX from pcnation.com. It was here in under a week. The only thing I didn't like was that the microSD card was a little overpriced for an online store, but the free shipping made up for it. Good experience for me. Just make sure to give them a verifiable e-mail or it will take two weeks!

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Yeah, I ordered my 60CSx from pcnation and was VERY pleased, great company. I even had a pre-order for a 400t with them, but then decided to wait until all the issues were better resolved... last time I checked pcnation hasn't even got the 400t's in stock yet... So $20 more from gpsnow.com ($506) isn't that big of a deal to me especially since they have them in stock. I was just curious if there was any other place besides those two...


Regardless I purchased my new 400t from gpsnow.com yesterday :laughing:

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