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Garmap Africa Series 2008 Released

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Garmap have just announced the latest release of the South African Mapset for Garmin units.


The DVD which retails at R99, allows you to update your current mapset and includes the following options:


* Southern Africa Streetmaps Version 1.1

* Southern Africa Streetmaps, DEM Version 1.1

* Southern Africa Streetmaps, Topo & Rec Version 1.1

* Nigeria Streetmaps, Topo & Rec Version 2

* East Africa Street Maps Version 1

* Indian Ocean Islands Streetmaps Version 1: Mauritius


Pricing is on http://www.garmap.co.za, depending on what you upgrade from/to

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The correct Version Numbers are:




Southern Africa Streetmaps, March Edition

Southern Africa Streetmaps, DEM, March Edition

Southern Africa Streetmaps, Topo & Rec, March Edition

South Africa Waterways, March Edition

Nigeria Streetmaps, Topo & Rec Version 2

East Africa Street Maps Version 1

Indian Ocean Islands Streetmaps Version 1: Mauritius


Click here to order the Africa Series 2008 DVD online, or to access details on the Garmap range of mapsets.

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We have had a report from Avnic that may have pinpointed your problem.


DVD duplication process seems to have gone awry. The first test samples were fine, but many from the main run appear faulty!


Generally the DVD will install Streetmaps, but the Topo, DEM and Waterways will not install correctly. It would appear that certain files were corrupted during the replication process. At the moment Avnic are not sure how many disc are affected, but it appears quite high. They are of course addressing the problem urgently.


If you have enountered this problem, please email your details (name address, contact, unit and purchase information) to etienne@avnic.co.za .


We will send you a working copy.


....welcome to SA. :laughing:

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oooh, will hold off on getting a copy for few weeks in that case


Officially now :


Avnic, the Garmin agents in South Africa, today discovered that the new African Series 2008 DVD was corrupted during a bulk duplication run (See this thread).


They have consequently issued a recall to dealers.




Please be advised that we have today become aware of problems with the just-released Garmap 2008 DVD.


The master disks and the pre-production test disks are fine, but the production duplication encountered problems, resulting in a high proportion of disks that will either not read at all or will fail to install maps.


We have stopped production and are recalling all the DVDs, and will restart manufacturing as fast as we can through an alternate manufacturer. The original manufacturer is one of the industry leaders, but we cannot wait for them to diagnose the source of the problem.


Shipments of units with DVDs bundled will be held until we can replace the DVDs. Should you wish your order to be shipped regardless, please advise our sales department.


We apologise for the inconvenience and disappointment many of you will feel, but this was out of our control.


Faulty disks that are already in your or your customer’s hands will of course be replaced free of charge.


EDIT: We will do our best to advise forum members on progress with replacements


Egg on face comes to mind.... R99's worth of eggs.....

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