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Most Creative Cache Container?


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I've just started this amazing sport/hobby/addiction and i have found 6 caches. I have already seen some amazing containers used for the caches...


Most creative so far was a stick cross (made just like the tree it hung from and the log was hidden in the botton which came out when the small swivel piece of the stick was turned. (this is was a cache made after another called 'Adam's Bane' (GC15V3X) was made (which i believe was made with a metal apple hanging from a tree) and this cache was called 'The only solution to Adam's bane' (GC15X4F)


Brilliantly Creative and i look forward to finding more creative and tricky caches.




Madkiwiman :ph34r:

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I was fooled by one of those fake tree stumps as well! There were other logs and stumps around so it didn't occur to me that one of them would be fake.


Then there was one of those turnie things recently as well. It was like a fake electrical conduit attached to an electric thingie. THat was brilliant.

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One of the sneakiest i found was a large Nut with the threaded end of a bolt extending from it. This was weathered to look rusty and was on one of the metal supports of a bridge along with several hundred real nuts. It was held in place by such a strong magnet that the first time I tugged at it I thought it was a real bolt. I had to return to the site later after getting verification from the owner that this was really the cache.


This was in the days before we had to be concerned about terrorists and hiding caches in sensitive places in case anyone is wondering.

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The most ingenious container I've seen was a 'Monkey Puzzle,' whipped up by a local cacher. This thing is a pain. But a great idea.

Another sneaky one is this one (look at the pics). Now, I'm a pretty slim guy, but getting this one is a tight fit for me even.

Every area has their own favorites. You'll find yours.


That is evil.

We found a few that were locked and the clues to unlock it were in the description (combination locks)

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