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Your farthest away found cache

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How about, what's the furthest possible cache you *could* find?


I tried a 'hole through the center of the earth' site, and it comes out Southeast of Reunion and Mauritus islands (which are SE of Madagascar), since i'm in Los Angeles.


Therefore, the farthest active, not disabled cache from me (and most of the western US) appears to be:

La Reunion the First (GCQJFP)

NE 11477.2mi from your home coordinates



Amazing Scenery!


or maybe one on Mauritus for many others in the USA:


Ile aux Cerfs (GC173E4)

N 11454.2mi from your home coordinates





Best quote from cache page! ---->

-- "As an aside, we have ruled out several brilliant cache hiding places because of the wild monkeys on the main island. If you would like to place caches on Mauritius then this is a factor you must consider. "


East coasters, will come out closer to the SW coast of Australia.

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Sadly since I've been doing this the furthest I've been is only 382.4 miles away from home :ph34r:

It's just made me realize that I really need a vacation! I haven't left Nevada/California in over two years! (I live roughly 10 miles from the CA border so it isn't a big deal)

....and my furthest cache is still in the same state I live in :huh: . I'm with ya Nekom, we need to get out more! :P

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:huh:March 2005 - 9608.6 miles from my Digs in Yuma, AZ - Mwingi, Kenya GC3FBA


While living in Kibwezi Town, I passed through this village (Mwingi) on several occasions. Yes the soda was usually warm --- away of life. I spent two and a half years in Kenya, with the Peace-Corps. Developing a water system and teaching at a Youth Poly-Tech ..................... :ph34r:

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4424.4 miles - GCHDQC. Great spot for a cache, top of a hill overlooking Kaiserslauter, Germany is a very old encampment (Roman they say) which guarded the trade route through what is now Europe. Thanks to the taxpayers who sent me to an exercise very close to my first duty station.

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In late 2005, in Chennai (aka Madras), India, at a site 8,530 miles (13,729 km) from home, I searched for two caches, the only two caches within a 120 km radius of Chennai, and both located in a religious park called "Tom's Hill", in the western end of Chennai, overlooking the city and the airport. I DNF'ed one cache, hidden in a bodhi tree at a religious shrine, and that was no surprise, as most everyone kinda knew from the online log notes that it had been missing in action for a very long time (eventually, with some prompting from myself and others, the cache was later archived by the reviewer for lack of maintenance.)


The other cache, Peaceful Park on Tom's Hill (GCMEKK), I found in a corner of yet another small shrine located within the park, this one buried under rocks at the corner of a rock wall, and under the watchful eye of a 50 foot tall statue of Jesus at my back, just 50 feet from me (and facing the cache; guess he is into geocaching... who knew?)


A day after logging my find online using the painfully slow 800 baud connection on the lobby PC at my hotel near Chennai, I received an email from the cache owner. Turned out that he was an evangelical Christian missionary, originally from Minnesota, and was currently in Chennai for a few months on assignment, working at a social services outreach school; he asked if we might be able to meet in person. Since I was still going to be in Chennai for another 10 days, we arranged to meet, and four days later, Dave and I met at a newly-opened American-style diner in a business district in Chennai. Strangely, it turned out that one of the waiters at the diner, a young Hawaiian-American man from Hawaii, was also a geocacher (he told me he primarily hunted and placed extreme geocaches in lava tubes on the sides of semi-active volcanoes on HI) and so we also got to meet and chat, and he kindly took a foto of Dave and me together; the foto may be found with my September 2005 find log on the cache listing page. Dave still contacts me periodically to see when I will be returning to Chennai for my next consulting gig!


I have also hunted caches in Nicaragua and Germany and even in the bizarre wild and hostile netherworld country called West Virginia; the latter is just too strange to even talk about.

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I'm going to use a slightly different interpretation of the question: The farthest-from-home cache I've nabbed in a single-day trip is "North SM Jr," 208.6 miles from my home coords. Grabbed six caches in a loop of 8.3 miles of hiking, 4400 feet ups and downs. Left at oh-dark-thirty; returned home in time for dinner.

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