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Furthest closet cache

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I have never before heard of a "closet cache", and there are certainly no closet caches in my state (Maryland) nor in any nearby states; if there were, I am sure I would have heard of them. Can you explain more about exactly what a closet cache is, beyond the fact that it seems that no one can find them?
In my research, which was quite extensive, if I do say so myself, I found two possible definitions for "closet cache."
  • A cache that is stored in your closet, waiting to be hidden. Any cache that is waiting to "come out" can be considered a closet cache.
  • A closet that has been turned into a geocache. When hunting this type of cache, one should be aware of proper times to access the cache. A good time, for example, would be when there are 2 or more newspapers in the end of the driveway, indicating that nobody is home. Things cachers going after a "closet cache" should be aware of include : large barking dogs, signs of an alarm system, sounds of passion coming from the room, or a large "Insured By Smith & Wesson" sign posted in the yard.

As to answering the OP's question:


Using the 1st definition, there are 3 bison tubes on my desk in front of me, so I'll guess about 1 foot, give or take a couple inches.


Answering where the nearest closet cache of the second type is makes for a more challenging question. As Groundspeak has yet to implement the much requested "Closet Cache Cache Type," you have to search through caches in your area, reading descriptions to figure out which are in closets. I believe I have all of them within a 5 mile radius logged. I've been advised to not search for any more until at least my court date next week.


Oh, ok... 1.4 miles.

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OK, so some people like to argue and point at people as having flaws even when the point that person made is quite clear. Now I'm getting a better understanding, "Hey look, a new guy...Let's make him feel like an idiot"!! Of course we're Still Waiting for an answer......


BTW, once there is a Typo in the topic title, the OP cannot edit that.

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there are certainly no closet caches in my state (Maryland) nor in any nearby states

That's odd ... GC193QT Water Closet is in New Jersey, which I was under the impression is fairly nearby Maryland, like about six or seven miles at the closest point, or perhaps at the closet point. Perhaps you need to report that you are having a problem with GC search?


I also find closet caches in about 15 other states and several other countries, 24 closet caches total. Perhaps there's a need for a public bookmark list?



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1.1 mile, excluding the puzzle cache that the dummy coords are exactly one mile. *could be right on top of me, could be 3 miles away.


The 1.1 is a multi, that I attempted once and either got the second set of coords wrong, or just couldn't find.


Then there's a DNF, and one that's in a too muggle dense area for someone who looks like me to be poking around without a valid excuse to be there.


Then a couple of virtuals, which I tend to ignore.


Discount those and it's 1.6 miles.

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yeah, discounting the puzzles which are excessive to say the least (and all on my ignore list...not out to go to school or guess what a blank page means), a new bunch jhave gone up that we're saving until we can make a round-up of around 30-40 finds. Closest is 1 mile which came out about 2 weeks ago.


We used to have ALL the hides in my area, glad to see more (non-puzzle) hide coming!!

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The closest unfound for us is 12.7 miles away, that one includes a border crossing into Canada. That can be a pain at times....


Closest unfound on our side of the bridge is 15.1 miles away, a micro hidden very close to the State Police building. We just haven't felt the need to look for that one :laughing:

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Wow... after more than a year of Geocaching and nearly 500 finds, there are still 8 unfound caches within a mile of my home coords. Some of my local cachers oh so thoughtfully put out two Five Star Terrain caches (requiring a boat) within a mile of my house. So those should be showing up on my list for a while to come. Two of the eight I've DNF'ed (multiple times) and the remaining four... I just haven't gotten around to! :ph34r:



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Speaking for a moment about normal geocaches, rather than closet caches, while there are numerous caches within ten miles of our home that we have not found, the nearest cache that I personally have any interest in finding is about55 miles away from here. My wife Sue is another matter; she will log find on almost anything, even a LUM, for a smilie, but there do exist caches so lame that even she will not bother to find them!

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I cleared out to about 10km at one stage, then some cachers placed some new ones. Multis that I have to drive back and forth across town to complete, some ending in nanos. I'm in no hurry to find them any more.

Would rather go somewhere (more) interesting.


I almost cleared out all of the caches within a 10 mile radius about a week ago and had one more (about 8 miles from home) to get when a tricky puzzle cache was published 3.1 miles from home a couple of days before I left for vacation and then another one 1.9 miles home the day I left town.


This is an interesting question but the amount of time one has been caching and the local cache density (and frequency of new placements) probably has the greatest influence on ones answer. There are about 130 caches within a 10 mile radius of where I live and I've heard of several areas where there are well over 1000 caches within the same proximity of some areas.

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