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Eddie Bauer Survival Kits as Geocaches

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I was just in an Eddie Bauer Outlet store and saw an outdoor survival kit that would make for both good geocache swag as well as a pre-made geocache. I figured I'd stop by here to let you all know about it too.


The kit is a polycarb water bottle with useful gear inside. You can find their online catalog info here.


# Polycarbonate lidded jar

# Whistle

# Flashlight with AAA batteries

# Emergency blanket

# Rain poncho

# Multi-purpose knife with blade, scissors, nail file, tweezers and toothpick

# Waterproof matches

# Nylon-pouch first-aid kit with bandages

# Sting relief pad, antiseptic towelettes and zip-lock bag

# 3" carabiner


You'd have to remove the knife, and maybe the matches, (to meet the cache rules) and maybe the blanket to leave room for a logbook. It's not the cheapest cache/pre-made cache in the world, but the items inside are pretty decent quality and if you find it in one of their outlet stores, the price is around $15-16 with the discount they put on it.


They also had a cheaper "hiking survival kit" with some first aid and other items in the store too, but I don't see that on their website. It wasn't packaged well enough to be a pre-made cache, but tearing it apart would yield some good times for swapping and in the meantime, it might even come in handy while it's in your pack.


Just something for people to think about.

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I've seen these. LL Bean has or had) them too. I've seen survival kits, bike repair kits and a few others. I've seen them online at other places for as low as $15. When you consider container and quality swag, that isn't bad at all.


Definitely a good idea for someone who wants a ready made, ready to hide cache. Add log, remove knife and you're ready to go. Maybe a little camo duct tape to the outside is all you need to add.

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Target has these in various themes (survival, First aid, hunting, etc.)

Would make dandy event prizes or for a FTF gift.

We grabbed a couple for FTF prizes and found them a bit heavy for practical use.


But, with the waterproof container and some cool stuff inside, would make a great small cache.

Just be sure to rummage through it first, to discard/re-use the "not-allowed" swag.

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