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Time Caching

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Here is our latest geocoin. Time Caching. We are expecting this coin around May 1st. We will offer a short preorder when the dates are more set. This coin was my wife's vision back in July 2007. We enlisted the design talents of Paula AKA CinemaBoxers at GeocoinDesign to help this coin come to light.


Available in four finishes


Antique Silver

Antique Gold

Antique Copper

Two tone LE


Icon : coming soon

Price: TBA


Let me know what you think. Thanks!



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Any word on when these will finally get done?

It's been an awefully long TIME since we've heard anything.... :)


They do have some information up on their website about these coins. Take a look at their Geocoin page... The design is stunning, can't wait!


That info on their site is outdated.

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I got a very fast reply to my contact through this site. Thanks to them for that. I did suggest that they check out this thread and open the lines of communication regarding the delays. I hope they will do that.


I won't post here what was replied to me as I don't really think it's my place to do that. But I would recommend that people contact them as I just now have and express their concerns directly.

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I have checked the updated message on their site. But every time it comes close to a ship date, the message changes to another delay.


This coin should have never been presold. I do fully realize that the vendor has offerd to refund anyone's payment. However, that doesn't get me the coin set I wanted, now does it?

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I see they finally updated their web site. Now it's gone from "any day now" to "really close". I can well imagine the frustration they must feel with all the problems they are experiencing with this coin, and I appreciate their commitment to putting out a quality product BUT, a little communication goes a LONG way! I still want the coins I ordered and don't mind waiting a reasonable amount of time longer for them. Just Keep Us In The Loop please!

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Any update? If the LE is causing the delay, perhaps ship the others first? If the LE is simply unmakable, perhaps give a refund for the LE portion of the set?


Edit: I did try emailing a week or so ago but didn't hear back; hence posting here.

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I was shocked when I saw that you guys and gals were waiting for this coin. I ordered and paid for 2 dragonfly coins and 2 other instock coins back in June. They are holding the two coins so the order can be shipped all at once. I e-mailed them at two different e-mail addresses over a week ago with no response. In the e-mail I simply ask for an update and for the 2 "in stock" coins to be shipped asap!

I really feel bad for my 10 year old son really wanted the freestyle motorcycle coin. He is always asking when will it arrive. :) It's hard when you do not have an answer to give him. :huh:

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Report them to paypal.


Unfortunately it's been WELL over 44 Days


I finally DID get a response yesterday (and promise of a refund) HOWEVER, I had to get a little creative in order to contact them! It certainly wasn't thru their web store.


Still haven't heard back from my email query. Can you suggest to them to give folks an update? And perhaps simply separate the non LE shipments?



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I hate to drag this out again....but I ordered the dragonfly set and the copper caching time a long time ago. I am getting really worried now that I won't see these coins EVER.

I am not trading anymore as our date for moving is drawing nearer and also am not buying anymore coins until we get a permanent address in Australia sometime in October. It worries me because when I originally pre-ordered these way back in April and May that was LOTS of time to get them before we move. Now, even IF they are shipped next week, I may not get them.

I have tried sending emails but I guess they get lost in the long stack that they are receiving daily so I don't know what to do...any suggestions?

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Well, for me it's almost 90 days since order. I see that aetoys has not posted on this forum since May 5. Weak...


FYI: I just checked their site and there is an update posted today:


"Aug 7th update


Email from the mint states the caching time coin will ship by Monday or Tuesday. If the coins do ship at that time we will have all caching time coins shipped out by next Friday...


We have staged all the Caching time orders so they can ship fast as soon as the coins arrive. We have also started shipping the items that are in stock from the Caching time, Pirate Treasure and the Dragonfly 2008. We should have all the in stock items shipped my Monday Aug 11th. We have also sent six new coins to mint that should come in over the next month or so. No pre orders will be offered on any of these or future coins.


The Pirate and the Dragonfly should be here shortly after the caching time.


I am sorry for the delays we are having with our geocoins. If you think it is driving you crazy it has made us completely insane. If anyone wishes a refund just let us know and we will refund promptly. With the delays we are having. The last of the Dragonfly 2008 and the Pirate treasure will not be sold until after the caching time coins have shipped."

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