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Geocoin Club March 2008 Blarney Coin - NO ICON!

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Somebody very kindly signed me up for 6 months subscription with the Geocoin Club as a birthday gift. I was quite impressed with my first coin - Blarney Coin complete with a pretty shamrock design - but a bit disappointed with the lack of an icon when I activated it (it carries the P*sspoor "generic" icon). Anyone else a member of the Geocoin Club could fill me in on this? Not that it's the end of the world - but it was a fairly expensive subscription and one would expect an icon with the coin.

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I am also a Geocoin club member and that happened before to a coin I got from them. I sent them an e-mail and they assured me that all of their coins have unique icons. However, it can take some time for the icon itself to get uploaded to whatever magical server does the icons. On the other coin it took about 10 days, but I was told it might take a few weeks. Just wait a bit and I'm sure we will get our icons soon.

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