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printing cache info is incomplete

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Is it just me or is there a problem with printing out cache information? Sometimes it prints completely but sometimes the top with the coordinates, terrain and difficulty stars, and size do not print and I have to write out this information by hand. This did not used to happen - just in the last few months. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Perhaps it is a not-so-subliminal way to encourage people to become "paperless" cachers . . . :lol:


Maybe that's it. I'm 99% 'paperless' but it's those new caches that pop up that I want to rush out for the FTF and don't want to dump it to the PDA. Luckily I notice before leaving the house that it didn't print correctly.

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The problem happens on a multi-page printout when a graphic would go past the end of a page. I posted the steps to duplicate the problem in a prior thread but it doesn't seem like anything has been done about it. Take a problem cache and collapse one or more sections so no picture, map or other graphic is trying to print at the bottom of one page and the top of the next page. The printout should be fine.

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I find it happens when the map wants to be on two pages at the same time. The only way I have found to get around it is to print preview first and adjust the margins and shrink the information so that it all fits on the page, when that happens the heading magicly reapears.


Aha! That's right, it doesn't happen on a very short cache description where everything is on one page or a very long one with lots of pages. I'll try your method. Thanks a bunch.

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It is something wrong with the printer driver. The computer is not talking to the printer correctly. Try clicking on the thing that says "make this page printer friendly".


It has nothing to do with the printer driver. I have replicated it from multiple computers and multiple printers. The problem has something to do with how the page is generated, but TPTB have been silent on this issue for months. :)

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I too have had this problem. It didnt matter if it was a long multi page write up or a short 1 pager to begin with. I always do printer friendly then I preview to get just the written stuff without the map & credits etc but still there are times it will print all of the top info sometimes it doesnt. never have found out why so I just print it & add the info missing. But it does get to be a pain sometimes. MW

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In regards to incomplete printing of the page...You need to check the print preview and adjust the print to fit. Sometimes it is not set right and will not print the top part of the information. You may have to adjust print to fit to 90%, 80% or something like that...You just need to play with it a little.



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