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Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Battery options

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I just purchased the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx and wanted to ask the question "What is the best battery to use in this unit".

Is the standard alkaline battery the better choice or is there a good rechargeable that works well?

The alkaline battery isn't as eco-friendly, but would be more readily available off the shelf!

Is there an adaptor that recharges a battery(s) off of a 12 volt system as well as 120 volts ? :o

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I use rechargeables - search this forum and you'll find plenty of info. The newer 'hybrid' batteries seem to be popular as they keep their charge better when not in use.


As far as a charger, I have recently purchased a LaCrosse BC900 charger that is awesome. The cheap Engergizer one I have works in a pinch, but it doesn't monitor charge levels, isn't adjustable at all, etc.

There are charges that have adapters for home and auto - just have to search around. I think Duracell makes one...

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I have been very happy with the Rayovac Hybrid Rechargeable batteries I got at Target for less than $10.00.


I had been happy with the 2500 mA Energizer NiMH batteries that came with a 15-minute charger. But after a couple of years, they stopped having the ability to hold a charge for more than a couple of days in my pack.


I'm hopeful the Rayovac Hybrids, with a charger that takes a few hours, and therefore doesn't get the batteries so warm during the charging cycle, will last much longer than two years.

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When I got my first gps years ago, a garmin venture, I tried rechargables and got very poor perfomance out of them. The brand was "extreme" and I had the matching "extreme" charger.


Then, through this site, I learned about lacrosse 900 chargers and eneloop batteries. I use these things in my headlamps, camera, and gps and they work great! I also use the sanyo 2700's and the lacrosse rechargeables that came with the charger. I think those quick chargers just ruin batteries. The lacrosse I have will let you choose how to charge them, will refresh ones that have gotten a memory, and some other things as well.


I'm glad I found out about this cause it's going to save me a lot of money, mostly for headlamp batteries as I use mine daily. I got mine from http://www.thomasdistributing.com/

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I just got the La-Cross BC900 and 16 of the Sanyo 2700's. I am really pleased with the charger so far. Still learning some of the stuff.


Can the BC900 tell you what the charge level of a battery is when you first put it in? I noticed that when I put some old Energizer 2500's in it, it would show a voltage around 1.3, and they had been charged a couple weeks ago. I am trying to figure out how to translate that into what percentage of the charge does it have. Anybody know?

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