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Relocated and changed cache


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Agreed; Since the Cache is still the "same" cache (same GC number), another FTF cannot be claimed.


Although logging another find on it (if you have found it before) can be allowed. Right?




Same cache...


You have found it already!

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Hi AmmaSoekSoek,


You're skating on thin ys :o with this subject because it's highly controversial.

The FTF is not the controversial point, but logging a second find is - many cachers think that's wrong.


There is no specific rule governing it.

So, provided that the cache has moved a reasonable distance and the hide changed materially, then it's up to the cache owner whether he wants to allow previous finders to find and log it again.


But, there is a lot of opinion and unofficial cacher-made rules, so you can be sure that second finders will get plenty stick, and you will too if you allow second finds on the same GC number.


My pragmatic advice - it's just a game, so I suggest that you walk around the patch of thin ys by archiving the old listing, and listing a completely new cache. Then it's right on top of the province's cache list again, and very clearly invites everyone to hunt it again (and the FTF), and nobody catches any stress!!!


My 2c worth :)

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I agree entirely with FishEagle. Either you archive the old cache and list a new one (then it is a free for all new cache) or you move the old one and then it is still the old cache. Now this opens a whole new subject - how far can you relocate and OLD cache before it should become a NEW cache. I suppose there is no real need to smother the game with another rule/deadline.

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I suppose there is no real need to smother the game with another rule/deadline.

I agree 100% - in the absence of a rule (and there isn't one saying how far you can move a cache before you have to list a new cache), then it's up to the cache owner and the reviewer (who has to do the co-ords change if it's more than 160m).


There are limits to what's reasonable - I would certainly recommend (read expect) a new cache listing if it moves more than (say) 500m, and the nature of the cache has changed materially. But, that's my opinion - others might say that it shouldn't be a new cache if it's showing you the same "whatever" that the old one did..... Fortunately, it's just a game, and one smiley more or less is irrelevant. Perhaps the question should be "Has it moved and/or changed enough to make me want to revisit the location? Will I be seeing or experiencing something different to my previous visit?" :anitongue:

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Distance shouldn't come into it. If the theme and experience of the cache stays the same, then it should keep it's number. Of course, realistically that's unlikely to happen if a cache moves 8km, but my point is it's a subjective decision, not an objective one.


Although it all gets a bit murky when a cache goes AWOL and a new cacher replaces it. Now, it's the same cache but it has a new number. Guess you can go back there and claim it again.


Also, what if you decide a multi-cache isn't attracting enough attention. So you ditch the clues and leave the final cache as a traditional. Same cache container. Same log book. New cache number. So, go back sign the log again and claim it a second time.

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