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Move a zone


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I'm working in a Geocache Wherigo where the player has to visit four different zones in any order and input a simple on-digit answer at each point.


These will then be displayed directly as the co-ordinates for the final location - no 'equals' in the code for me!


These may or may not be correct but I want the arrow to point to the co-ordinates they entered. This means I need to move the final zone to where the player thinks it is.


So basically, I want to move the final to a set of given co-ordinates and create a small zone around it.


Any ideas?



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I don't know about moving a zone after it's created, but I would start looking at the tutorial cartridge's code. Create a zone based on the coordinates entered, setting the previously entered one to inactive if need be.


Without a list of properties for each object (zone, item, task, etc.), we will just have to guess. Man, I can't wait for the technical documentation...

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Hmm... thanks for the reply.

Sleeping on a problem really does work! I woke up this morning with a better idea.

Rather than direct the players to where they think they ought to go, I've decided to have a 'check sum' of the entered digits. Not a sum as such as there would be too much margin for error; but dividing and subtracting the digits... that sort of thing :o and only activate the final location if it all tallies


This way it should not be possible to look at the source for the answer



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YES!! You can move a zone! 36.gif


Using the code from the Egg Hunt




However, the zone doesn't show in the emulator but is detected OK


Strangely, if I add the radius parameter to GetZonePoints eg:



it doesn't work! The zone does not get moved or anything 106.gif

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