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Brussels Cachers for our Peter Pan Team

GPS Derek
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We are starting a team for the Peter Pan International series and need your help!


The Peter Pan caches are an international grouping of seven multi-caches. Find foreign friends and solve seven caches in five countries across three continents.


Each Peter Pan cache is a multi-cache. The given location is your local Peter Pan statue designed by Sir George Frampton (1860-1928) following a commission by J M Barrie. Seven castings were made and the statues reside in:


London (UK GC188J7)

Liverpool (UK GC18GZC)

St John's (Canada GC1988Q)

Toronto (Canada GC18DGA) GPS Derek

Brussels (Belgium GC1958W)

Perth (Australia GC183Z0) iluvtrekking

Camden (USA GC1899C)


The original statue was commissioned in 1912.

First, there's a micro/nano cache hidden in the park near the Peter Pan statue. Inside the micro/nano cache are latitude and a longitude, but they are NOT for the location of your local cache. The latitude is for one of the six other caches in the series, the longitude is for a different one of the six other caches. To find the final of this cache, you will have to contact someone who has found one of the other six caches, and trade coordinates until you have the set you need. The coordinate information does not include which city the coordinates are for. Figuring that out is left as an exercise for the cachers.


Once you have found the final cache, you may log a find on the local cache, as usual. If your coordinates help another geocacher team find one of the other caches, you may claim a find for that cache too. In order to claim a find on one of the other caches, your log must include the names of the other cachers who you helped, and you must e-mail Tinkerbell the secret code word from that other cache.


So here's your chance to have cache logs in five countries across three continents.


To join our team please contact me through PM or post to this forum and I will get back to you.



GPS Derek

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