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When you come up for the Fling you can stop by Angie's Outdoor in Barrie, but I'm not recommending them.


I'd go to Landsharkz first.


I don't think I would have time as I arrive the day before and leave the day after. I want to get some geocaching loot for my son, as it will be his 40th birthday and he's addicted to geocaching. He got me into the hobby too. If I can buy it here before I go to Ontario, then I can have it all wrapped up with a bow on top too, ready to give to him :) (Hope he's not reading this )

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GPSCity - http://www.gpscity.ca/ is in the northeast and convenient if you are flying.


or GPSCentral.ca is in the southeast.


Both should have stock of what you want. I suugest ordering online, if you know what you want and specify store pickup.


I actually live in the northwest of Calgary, and the day I do fly to Ontario it will be at 7 in the morning. I'll get to those stores though. I have lots of time. I checked their websites but I'm going to leave it for a couple of weeks as everything I want to buy is either out of stock or discontinued. Thanks everyone for the information

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