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Pick a palm/pda for me

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Are you planning on using the PDA with or without a dedicated GPSr unit? If your just using the PDA to view the cache info my suggestion would be to get the cheapest one you can. You'll be subjecting it to a lot of outdoor use and if you break it you always can get another one.


Regardless of the PDA you choose you'll need a program, such as cachemate, to view the gpx files. So your best bet is to find a program you like, and then find a PDA that runs it well. I use Cachemate ($8) and a Palm VX( Monochrome under $20 on ebay).

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I was using an ancient Sony Clie Palm PDA for quite a while until I switched to my Treo 650 smartphone, which I use VERY carefully out in the field :unsure:


The PDA can be extremely basic for Geocaching. Color screens are not important, and in fact some of the black & white screens are actually easier to see in outdoor bright sunlight. And don't worry about lots of memory either. You can store thousands of caches in just a couple megs of space.


Get a super cheap one for Geocaching. If you find it really useful (many do lol) then buy a better one for other tasks & continue using the cheap one for this task.

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Here are a few that I have found for a good price. Can anyone tell me which is best for geocaching? Are there any that I can load the log page info directly to the unit without changing the file type?


1. Palm M515


2. Palm Tungsten E2


3. Dell Axim X3


Any other suggestions?


I've been using a m515 for several years and am quite happy with it.

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I have been using a Palm m500 for many years, but now I have a Palm m515. Either one of those inexpensive PDAs will work very well with Cachemate (or Plucker) installed.


Keep in mind, something like this can happen when you are caching . . . :unsure:


So . . . get a hard case for whichever PDA you buy. :(

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So when you transfer info to the PDA does it show up all the info such as the hints etc. ( so basically what you see on the printer friendly version of the cache page) I'm looking to paperless and am new to this all so sorry for the stupid question. Or can you get a gps to take this info and skip the pda step? thanks for any advice

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