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Congrats to Dorset Gal!

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I'm just watching the TV pictures of Dorset Gal carrying the Olympic torch through London. Its not every day a cacher has a personal bodyguard of Chinese special forces. Well done for braving the crowds after the scuffles earlier <_<


Amusing to listen to the commentators debating who you were as they didn't have a clue!

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The K-Boys are really Klever.Thats a top pic and I'm giving my own personal "BIG whoopeee" to DG and GD too. :( Looks like you may be one of the last to do this as the IOC may now curtail the torch thing altogether. I'll offer no comments on the political situ of the days events. :unsure:

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Thanks for being Klever with the TV still Klever Boys! The torch is flaming particularly well in that shot! In a lot of the coverage it was difficult to know if the flame was lit or not. Well done Wendy and Caesar, I'm sure you are very proud!

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now if the Klever boys can upload it to a cache log, it will become a Banner photo on the front page of GC :D


I sent a link to the Klever boys post to one of the Lackeys :D who on this occasion I'm sure wont mind me sharing the reply




Fabulous, indeed. Thank you for sending it along.


If this is also uploaded as part of a geocache log, I can make it a banner image



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congratulations to you both ...such a sterling effort. Sunday morning we thought you may have been snowed in :laughing:


Children are so proud of you too wendy and have been telling all their friends they know the lady who carried the olympic torch in London :D


pray you recover from your adventures quickly

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Looks like you had the nod about possible trouble on the day Wendy - I see you fitted the Bull Bars to your wheelchair :o


The funny thing is when I showed the pic to my kids its Caesar that they recognised first. I hope you got plenty of nice pics of the day sent to you.



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I got the first pictures through today from the photographers. I'll just share one here.

That photo is MUCH better quality and I'd like to place THAT one on the front banner rotation instead of the other one (which I think was captured from video?). Wendy, is that part of a geocache log? if so, please send me the link to the log itself. I can't do much with just the image link.
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Ahh! So it was you Wendy, I saw a photo of you somewhere and did think "is that Dorsetgal"? Turns out it was.


I was in London all day chasing the torch through the city seeing it at seven locations. Unfortunately I missed you two, whereabouts did you carry it?


My photos from the day can be seen at http://www.flickr.com/gp/66246955@N00/3kB077.


Congratulations on your efforts, it must have been very memorable, especially with the controversy surrounding the event which I encountered throughout the route.

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