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Geocaching bumper sticker

Blackjack Bailey
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Those are called character marks. Leave them visible as to show the lengths you go to get to caches. Then get one of them big windscreen stickers made up at a local sign writer and stick it up across the top of your windscreen..... The boys down in Chatsworth will envy your display of character.... Don't forget the side rear window stickers and window tints too.


I wonder if there has been a geocacher on Pimp My Ride yet..... Hey MTV Pimp my cacher mobile.....


I am just imagining it now.... Candy Apple Groundspeak logo colours or a cammo paint job. Adjustable suspension to lift the car. 22 inch All terrain wheels with grass cutting spinners. Storage for all your cache containers and Pimping Signature items. Coin display cabinet. 30" plasma screen with wireless broadband or satellite internet connection for paperless caching. 4 7" LCD screens mounted in the cab each displaying different GPS data. External plasma screen playing icenrye geocaching videozines to distract muggles while you search for the cache.... Waste disposal system to dispose of CITO rubbish..... Hee heee.... MTV you getting this?


Ooops.... Sorry Neville. I am sure there are some stickers available but it depends on the size of the mark. I remember Bats had some on his Lada.

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