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Hello all, I've only been doing this since November 07, but believe there needs to be another filter selection: Disabled/Inactive. Tons of disabled caches are on the map, and even though most are temporary, it is still a very large nuisance.



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Doesn't the filter element "Is Active" under the "THAT (and)" section in the PQ setup page doing that exact thing? I just tested it and it seems to exclude the "Disabled" caches.

I believe the OP is reffering only to the online maps - not to Pocket Queries. yes??

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On the Geocaching.com google maps, the disabled caches have an orange background color, which distinguishes them from active caches.

I suspect it's better to leave them on the maps so cache placers understand that they hold their spot. Once you notice the orange color I think it's difficult to distinguish them.

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