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Free Paperless Caching

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Are there any good free programs that I can use for paperless caching on my PDA? I tried CacheMate, and I really like it, but (as pathetic as this sounds) I don't have $8 to spend on the full version, being a student in high school. :o I tried GSAK, but that doesn't have a feature to put them on the PDA.


Thanks for your help!

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Spinner does not support .loc files, though. I don't know why, but my profile in the forums displays as being a premium member when I'm not, so I can't get .gpx files.

Can't do paperless caching with just .LOC files - they do not contain the description or hints or logs. Just basic files with the cache name and coordinates.


So you have a bigger problem - where to come up with $30 per year for a premium membership.

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I tried using Plucker, but I found it extremely confusing, and then when I used SunriseXP with it (supposed to make it a lot easier), it changed the language of the viewer on my PDA to French, with no language change option to be found.


So is the answer basically that the only good way to use paperless caching is to become a premium member?

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That is true. For "paperless caching" to work, you need the .gpx files, which you get directly from the individual cache pages, or from Pocket Queries. You can join for onlyl $3.00 per month. That is what I did initially, until I could come up with the $30.00. If your time is worth anything at all, the GSAK/Cachemate combo works well together, but there are modest registration fees for both those programs.


The alternative is printing the cache pages, but printer ink is very expensive . . .

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if you become a premium member or somehow get the gpx files you need you can use gpx2html

...and the only legit way to get the GPX file is to take up premium membership -

Licensee shall not sell, rent, lease, sublicense, lend, assign, time-share, or transfer, in whole or in part, or provide access to the Data, Related Materials, any updates, or Licensee's rights under this Agreement to any third party whatsoever
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