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trade for activated coins?

grodan & fiabus
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As a newbie I have questions about trading coins.


Would you trade for activated coins that can be adopted to you? Just activated coins no other logs.


Would you trade for activated coins that also has been discovered by others, say one or two maybe more logs?


As a new coiner I activated all of my coins and let other discover them, I don´t do that anymore :o , just the ones I know I will keep, but are the others still good to trade??

Like to hear your opinions since you guys here has done this much longer than me.


Thanks, grodan Karin from Sweden.

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My answers to your questions...




Yes. (and I would leave their logs)


Yes. (in my opinion but I'm not in this for money just for the shiny and prettttyyyy of the coins :o )


Going to check out your activated list of coins....


I might be interested in doing some trading....



Cache Agent

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If that's a coin that I really want and can't find it anywhere else, I would trade for an activated one, too. I prefer coins that are not activated, but most of the time I activate the coins that I want to keep in my collection because I too love the icons in my profile, so in the end, I guess it doesn't matter if I activate it or if I adopt it.

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If it is a coin I want for my collection, then yes I will trade for an activated coin to adopt.


I started out activating all my coins then the geocoin thing got way out of hand. Personals, States, GeoClubs and non-geo related coins. So I had to make a choice as to what coins I wanted to keep. I opted for personal coins. So now I have many non-personal coins that have been activated. It is hard to find adoptive homes for them.


Good luck to you


aka Ole Woman of the Tribe

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It sounds like there is an opportunity to get those coins going then. Let´s give it a try. :o

These are activated and discovered and I´m willing to trade them and adopt them to the new owner.


I love geocoin coin,






and the Happy Cacher coin chimneysweeper, tadpole, horseshoe, A bit´o´luckgeocoin, brown cachers tag


I now have limited my collecting to coins shaped as animals and coins shaped as food/beverages and I prefer the trackable ones.


Maybe this should have been posted in the traders tread but I think it is better here since I popped the question here.


I also have some unactivated parrots. lettuce and a cockatoo to offer.


Thanks for the answers so far.

Karin grodan (grodan is swedish for frog)

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