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Heartland Cacher

Attention Nebraska Geocachers

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I have some new 2008 Groundspeak Volunteer Geocoins that were given

to me by Groundspeak. I have decided that the way these coins will

be given new homes is this way. Geocachers may nominate any

Nebraska Geocacher. I have talked to some non-Nebraska Geocachers

that will help make the final decision on which Nebraska geocachers will get

the Geocoins. Here are some simple rules.


I am not sure yet how many I will give away in this fashion and it

will depend somewhat on the number of names I receive.


All geocachers that live in Nebraska, Geocache or place Geocaches in

Nebraska regularly (this means more than just passing through on

vacation, etc) may be considered for the Geocoins.


To be considered the Nebraska Geocacher must be nominated by another

Geocacher. You may not nominate yourself.


You may nominate as many Nebraska Geocachers as you want.


The nomination form has to contain all of the following:

Your geocaching name

The Nebraska Geocacher's Geocaching name that you are nominating

The reason(s) you feel this Nebraska geocacher should have one of these

Geocoins. (1000 words or less but more than just one sentence)

Any other information you may want to supply.


The information shall be emailed to HeartlandCacher@Gmail.com.


Your entry will not be seen by anyone except me and those helping

with the decision process unless you give permission that others may

see it. (You may add this as a note to your entry if you wish).


The winners of the Geocoins may permanently hold their coin, move

it, or share the coin with others to log at events etc. It is their

choice. However, the coin will remain as my coin in my inventory for

the time being. The coin is not intended for sale on eBay or

anywhere else. I reserve the right to protest eBay and other sales

and have the coin deactivated and locked if a sale occurs.


The deadline to submit a nomination will be 11:59 p.m., Wed. April

30, 2008.


Thanks for your help on this project.


Here is a link that shows a photo of the coins


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