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Good deal?

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I can get a Garmin GPS 60CS for 185 with "City Select" Software,v 3.00, manuals and in car dash mount.
Good deal!!!


I want to be able to d/l the caches off the website using my computer.Thanks!
Premium membership then use pocket queries (PQ) to download up to 500 waypoints with desciptions and logs (up to 5 previous logs). Then use Garmin's Mapsource or GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to edit what you downloaded and then upload them to your GPSr via a micro USB to USB connector. Hints you'll need to do on a PDA or print them or something as I don't believe you have enough "note" room for complete hints.


You will need Mapsource to upload the City Select software to your GPSr unless it's already pre-loaded. And you'll have to unlock the maps thru Garmin's webiste to upload them to your GPSr. So hopefully you have the registration codes and everything for City Select, Garmin is pretty tight about letting that get pirated.


You will also need the drivers for your MAP60CS loaded on your computer (available free from Garmin).


I would also recommend after you have cached that you download (via Mapsource) the info from your GPSr to your PC and save it. Then clear everything off your GPSr and load the new stuff for the next time. Then you can always reference back to your old GPSr data (I save mine by date like 2008-0401 so they sort in chronological order). The MAP60CS also has geocaching mode so when you find one you can click FOUND and it changes the icon from a closed treasure chest to an open one. When you upload it to your PC it's easy to look around in Mapsource, see where you've been and what caches you found. Saves a lot of note taking.


And if you're miles and miles from the next cache and on the road, do a FIND and pick the cache (or parking coords is better), then do FOLLOW ROAD to get driving directions with turns and everything. Then when you get there do a FIND again but this time pick OFF ROAD and you can zone right in on the cache.


Good luck!

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Awsome reply!!!! Thank you sooo much, had to bookmark it because it was so good ;)
No problem and happy to start helping others as I have received my share of help in here.


I am looking at stepping up from my MAP60C sometime to a MAP60CSX as I hit the ceiling on the fixed memory in mine and would love to have a couple gig of storage onboard. The one thing I have found with City Navigator is that the maps take up so much memory that I am limited on what I can load. Florida is divided up for about 4 or 5 different map sets and I can't load but 1 or 2 on at a time. Which means if we're travelling a long distance I can't have the detailed maps all loaded all at once for the whole trip. And when we travel from here back up to NC then the maps I can load are limited. Expandable memory should not of been an afterthought by Garmin and wish I'd of know before I bought mine or I'd of waited.... well, probably not as I was anxious to get on the trails.


Good luck!!!

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I can get a Garmin GPS 60CS for 185 with "City Select" Software,v 3.00, manuals and in car dash mount.


I want to be able to d/l the caches off the website using my computer.



Sounds like a good deal, but make sure the City Select software has been "Unlocked" for that unit, or has an "Unlock Code" left for that unit.


You will want to become a Premium Member so you can get Pocket Queries and be able to send hundreds of caches to your new GPS unit in the time it takes to download a few of them one by one from the individual pages.

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