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FS: Garmin GPS 60Cx, CN V8, 1 Gb Sd card, Palm Z22

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Let's go paperless!!! I am selling our Garmin 60Cx and a Palm Z22.


Both of these units are used but neither has any type of damage to it. They both work well and are as good as new.


The Garmin 60Cx includes City Navigator North America V8. The CN has been unlocked twice (once for this unit) so there are no more unlocks. Also included in the deal is a Kingston 1Gb Micro SD card. The unit has a Shieldzone screen protector already installed. The way point manager CD, belt clip, wrist strap and original box will be sent with the unit upon purchase.


The Palm Z22 has cachemate already loaded and also has a Shieldzone Screen protector.


USB cables for both units are also included.


The reason for the sale is that I am a proud and happy owner of a Garmin Colorado.


Price for everything shipped is $275.00.


I prefer Paypal.


Any questions email, PM or post here.











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I'd be interested in talking to you about this!


My question is about the unlocks on the CN. Since I don't have it, I don't know what that refers to... will I be able to install it on my computer, but just not be able to load them to another GPSr?




You will be able to use this CN for this GPS only. You will be able to load the CN onto your computer and use it for this GPS. There were two unlocks one for this unit and one that I used on an old Ledgend that I had.

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If you don't mind answering ONE more question...I'm looking at a birthday present for my husband.


Now that you've used both the GPSMAP and the Colorado, how do they stack up against each other?


Which one will cause more frustration in the field? Which one will be easiest for the kids to use when my daughter whines, "Let me see daddy" and he hands it to her because he's spotted the cache and needs to get on hands and knees...?

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