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My wife's 1st find!

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We were coming home from a wedding today (I just happened to accidently have my Explorist in the car and it was accidently loaded with several GC's of the area :) ) when I asked my wife if she'd like to trying a GC.


I familiarized her in the use of the Magellan and then loaded a GOTO to the first on. We didn't find it. We rolled on....'nuther GOTO and we found our first one together. Logged it and GOTO'd to another. She found it all by herself. She was tickled pink. Her first solo.


Anyway the GC'ing added to an already pleasant afternoon together. The main thing I find appealing about GCing is the out of the way places it takes you. You not only get to smell the roses, you get to dig around in the roots, too.



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Well, another GC hunt broke out today...on the way to another town. Amazingly, the cache-laden Magellan was in the truck, again.


This time one of my daughters was with me. Another truly accidental thing happened as she was searching for her first one(one I'd already found).....this car pulls up. We're thinking muggle swarm. Turns out it's a young family with a car mounted GPS who're hunting caches, too. We met, and after my daughter found her first at that spot everybody signed it then they followed us to another nearby cache and their daughter found that one.


Got to get rid of this GPS. It's making me late to appointments way too much. :laughing:

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