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Tempermental GPS V

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I decided to declare spring is finally here, despite temperatures in the mid 30's, by awakening from my geo-hibernation and finding a cache or two. Problem is, my GPSr, a Garmin GPS V, wouldn't acquire satellites on the way to and at my first stop. It would just get a partial lock on one satellite and lose even that if I lightly bumped the unit or rotated the antenna even slightly. After I popped the battery cover to reset it, it acquired the satellites, but now the screen will intermittently go blank with the exception of a single line that would be horizontal and towards the top of the screen if it were in the landscape orientation. Any ideas if this is an issue with the batteries or the unit itself? I have bonus pay for being on call coming up at the end of next week, and am toying with the idea of just using this as an excuse to to upgrade to a GPSMAP 60cs. I know it's not the newest unit out there, but it's a definite upgrade that won't break the bank. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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I'm definitely leaning that way. I tried ditching the rechargeable batteries that were in there and went with regular alkalines today to see what difference it would make. Under ideal conditions I got satellite lock, a position and found a couple quick and easy ones. Then I went for one that was in deeper woods and at stage 2 I got readings from no signal to 0.1 miles to 10 feet all in pretty much the same spot, so I used the hint to find it. Then I lost signal altogether when I headed towards the final. The good news was no crashing with the alkalines in.


All that coupled with the GPS V not being compatible with the up to date maps from Garmin, I really think there'll be a new one in my near future. I'm leaning towards the 60csx at the moment.

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