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Zac Young

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How exactly do you know when new caches are out? I really want to be a FTF, but how do I know os I can go right out. I get e-mails weekly, but I just hid a cache and someone found it the next morning, hours after it was published, so the e-mail might not be quite enough. What do you advise?

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I happened to see one when it got published one day and got a FTF. I won't race to get one again though, as I just basically wanted to know I got one FTF in this crazy game. From here on out, if I get one, cool. if not, so be it.


That being said, I'm a paid member, so I think I got the e-mail pretty fast. I didn't rush down, but went a few hours later and grabbed the cache.

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On your "My Account" page, top right, find a button marked "List Newest In (State Name).

Click on it every so often. It lists the newest caches in (are you ready for this?) your state.

If you check back often enough you'll know about new caches as fast as anyone.

Much easier to become a premium member and get all the rest of the benefits.

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but I just hid a cache and someone found it the next morning


What took them so long?


The deeper you get into Geocaching, the easier it is with things like, Pocket Queries and notifications of new caches. And for FTF's (if that's yor game) it's almost a must.

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