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Fastest find?

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Just going back on some old emails and came across one from the Wild Team saying I must have had the fastest time at finding a cache of theirs on Tank Teaser. Upon inspection of my track log It took me a total of 1 min 16 seconds :lol: to find the cache after leaving my car and walking round the tank on which it is hidden. Figuring out which area to look in as per the waypoint on the GPS and finding the cache. Of course there after it was a few minutes getting the cache log sheet back in the container but that is how it goes with Nano sized sheets.


So has any one else had similar quick finds and on which cache. Maybe we can have the competition hot up here a bit. Please be honest though. I only went into it when the owner of the cache emailed me saying I have to have had the fastest find ever on his cache. I then went back on the track log and checked the time. No need to post the track logs cause that could give away the position, just be honest.


By the way this was a nasty one on a Tank. Imagine big metal object with a cammoed nano/micro somewhere on it. They tend to be the hardest to find, or not..... To be honest I have spent more than a hour and a half looking for a large cache once. I went back a few months later and it still took me a few minutes to remember where it was.


So come on guys where was that Fast To Find...... :unsure:

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I had two very fast caches. The first one is Mountain Howitzer, owned by Bouts777 (GC19XHM). As I parked about 20 meters away I could see the micro laying on the grass. I walked to it and sign the log and replaced the cache without the GPS. Yes, this was also a FTF. What was amazing that it appeared that the grass was cut and for some reason the cache was not lost.


The next one was one called Guard House by Crystal Fairy (GC15W4G). I drove right up to this point and I took about 10 seconds to remove it. Again I used no GPS, the hint was obvious and I could clearly see where it is hidden.


Rest assure your caches could sometimes be a little bit tricky. Your fouls gold one is one I missed. But it is only temporary; I always come back to the ones I missed. We will be in Natal during May this year and we will see if we can find a couple more.

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I never keep track of how long it takes. The one's that take hours to find are engraved in my brain, whereas there are many that have been found without even having to look for them.


I must say I was pleasantly surprised today. I got to the war museum eventually to do G6. I was expecting a good while hunting - knowing how big a G6 is!

Well - what a pleasure to find it in the first place I looked. I almost felt cheated [:D] - NOT.


As with Carbon Hunter, I was also expecting a mammoth hunt with G6. Found it in the first place I looked and was in and out of the museum in seconds. Fortunately, as I'd been let in with only 5 minutes to go before they were locking up. Was pure luck though, one can spend a loooong time hunting for this one, but not as long as some of Noddy's inventions :)

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I never keep track of how long it takes. The one's that take hours to find are engraved in my brain, whereas there are many that have been found without even having to look for them.

Like those I throw over my shoulder for you at 1 am in the morning.... :D:):P

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Just got my fastest find ever. Went to PE for a holiday and while i was waiting at the airport i checked for caches in the area, with my phone and geocache navigator. Initially the wait for signal was the longest part, but once locked in i went and stood next to a certain object and did a search for nearby caches, first one on the list was a newish one that i had not loaded into my Garmin a few days earlier. And i was surprised to see i was less than a meter from the cache. I read the description and realised that i was standing next to the cache. Looked around for any muggles and just squatted and the first place i felt i found the cache, seconds from first finding out there was a cache there i had it in hand, recovery was basically 2 seconds. Pure luck at been in the right place at the right time. Now if that was a FTF......

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I have found a cache or two in Houston USA without even getting out of the car. They have what they call "Shirt lifter caches" that is at the base of light posts in most parking areas. The light post has a metal box around the base that can be lifted up. A lot of micros are hidden in this box. You can literally sit in the car and do the cache through the window!

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