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I have a TB that's reached its goal but the owner is MIA


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Any ideas on what to do? I've emailed the owner, but heard no response and he/she hasn't been seen here since November. I offered to mail the bug back to the owner, but have heard nothing. Should I just go put the TB back in the cache or hold on to it or just put it back out in the wild?

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I just checked their profile, and they last visited the site in Nov. 07. I saw where they live, and it could be that winter slowed them down. Looking at their numbers, I'd say they are fair weather cachers, and will probably be back out when the Spring weather comes in. They've had long gaps between caching days in the past.

And sometimes an email from someone can just fall off the page before we know it, and be forgotten. They get your log sent to them, all TB owners get an emailed copy of the logs, so they will know it's moving, and be happy.

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