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There are many threads about "paperless" caching, so if you do a Search of the Forums, you can read what others have recommended. If you only need the PDA for caching, I recommend one like the Palm m500, m505, or m515. Getting a hard case is important since Geocaching can be rough on fragile electronics. I use Cachemate on my Palm m515.

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I just got a Palm m125 from Ebay for $20 shipped. Installed GSAK and cachemate and in a grand total of less than 10 minutes from putting batteries in the Palm for the first time had everything installed and every page in a 20 mile radius ready to go.


It's so cheap and so easy that I can't imagine anyone would do it on paper. I had gotten one that'll take SD cards, but I seriouosly doubt I'll ever need to as small as Cachemate packs those files.

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I am new paperless - the weather here has sucked like no year before so I've only gone out once.


I got a palm V from ebay for $8 (shipping was more!). It included the dock/charger and an aluminum case. My first palm, so it took some figuring out.


Software goes on the PC (free from Palm.com) that will sync up the basic palm things (address books, to do lists, etc). It will also allow you to move any file to/from the palm.


I've been using GSAK and it will make the files Cachemate needs. So do a PQ and put that in GSAK, pick what you want and output it to your GPS and to a cachemate file - GSAK will but the file in the download directory for synching to the palm.


You need software on the Palm to open/read/sort the geocaches. There are several, I chose Cachemate (like $20). I might like more searching options, but you get the description, clue, logs, coords of course, cache type, container size - everything. http://www.smittyware.com/palm/cachemate/


Sych and the file goes to the Palm, open cachemate and it does it's thing.


While I've not tried this yet, you can write your logs in the palm and upload them to a website and it will auto-log all your finds for you! http://boulter.com/geocaching/logger/


And https://www.bluehillsinnovations.com/store/ makes cables to connect a GPS directly to a Palm - something i've not tried but intrigues me.

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