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number of finds in your 1st year

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56 and 104 in our second year, 1500 is your goal for the first year, after 6+ years we have not reached that yet, but we cache when we have time and enjoy ourselves. Wish we had time to find that many in a year, good luck and have fun. Back when we started, I think we could fit the 3 provinces we cached in, into 3 PQs, less then 500 each. Looking it it, we did almost the same last September at 141 in a month compaired to our first 2 years of 160, times have sure changed.

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while i do realize lots of you started out in the beginning, when there we not nearly as many caches nearby, its still cool to hear how many one did when they first started.


up here in red deer, which is in central alberta, caches used to go unfound for days. people from the bigger cities, edmonton and calgary would drive the 1 1/2hrs to come ftf caches. nowadays, we have plenty of opportunities to drive where ever we want and pick up a hundred or so in a trip. its very cool to see how the game has become popular.

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Right around 300 the first year, about the same second year. 300 to go for 1000, hoping for the end of the year but my navigator will have to co-operate to get that and she gets tired of riding shotgun. Of course a trip to a good Chinese restaurant at the end of the day helps ease the discomfort......

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Too lazy to look it up. However, I found my first cache on August 8, 2005 and am nowhere near to 1500 as of today. I know some local folks who are into caching for big numbers but I don't think I'd enjoy it nearly so much if I was trying to find that many. It sounds too much like work to me. :anibad:

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I'm in the same boat as others who started around my time or earlier. Fewer caches and longer hikes involved.

There were certainly fewer caches when I started but what we had weren't necessarily longer hikes. Plenty of PnG's back then too and I doubt it was isolated to the Dallas area. Many folks wear rose colored glasses when thinking of the old days IMO.

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I ran a PQ for all the caches I found my first year 190, I thought it was less. ;)

I started in Jan. 2003 and there were not many caches to find then. I remember doing lots of hiking and driving to go geocaching back then. I use to spend a couple of days trying to find areas that had more than 10 caches in a 20 mile radius and lots of those you had to hike to. :anibad:

Now in some places you can find 10 caches in a 1 mile radius.


Times have changed, there were not a log of drive up cache then.


I have a feeling lots of the newer cachers may be missing some very nice areas when they get caught up in a numbers game. They might be surprised at what they may find if they plan a day of just geting a few caches that would require hiking to.


Comparing 1st year numbers really does not mean much.

Camparing caches finds in any year does not really mean much, depending on were someone lives and the types of caches and also terrian and difficulty will effect the number of caches that can find in any year.

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I found a little over a thousand in my first year. (Started caching mid-2006)


There is a cacher near here that found over 3500 in his first year.


As others have said, that statistic will be a reflection of when you started caching, your geographic location, the amount of free time you have and the level of your obsession.

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we have done everything from png's to long hikes up mountains. its why we love caching for where it will take us to next. we have discovered a lot of cool features like waterfalls and gorgeous hiking trails that make you fell like your in the mountains right here in our town that we would never have known were here were it not for caching.

our 1000th and 1500th we are planning on doing huge hikes up difficult mountains. but now our 1000th is going to be something easier to walk to, but higher on the difficulty as one member of the party we will be celebrating our 1000th together with is 7 months pregnant.

but i can truly understand your point johnnyvegas about most people caught in the numbers game not knowing what they are missing, for these type its all about the numbers, and sadly, the higher terrain/difficulty caches are completely off their list, never to be done because they'd rather find 50 lpc's, than hike an hour or 2 to find a cache in a gorgeous spot.

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Logged my first find on February 10, 2007 to February 10, 2008.... Not sure of the actual number but it is was over 1,600. You would have to worked on doing this FULL time a few short years ago. Today, I did >1,600 and worked full time as well..... yes I am addicted to hunting cache.


MM32 La Grange, Ky

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From 6/24/2007 to 6/23/2008 127

I only got 38 my first 6 months so I started slow for me even

From 6/24/2007 to today 134

Want to hit 300 by 6/24/2008 my first 2 years, but if I don't it is no big deal.


I am not in it for the numbers but to get outdoors and get excersize. I do very few PAG because that is not why I geocache. I was a BSA leaders for about 20 years and I miss the woods and this gets me out for a few hours without having to camp in a tent :anibad:

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Our first full year isn't up but we're at 585, we had hoped to make 500 by our 1 year anniversary and we did a few months early at that. As far as finding that many and staying married it helps to have both husband and wife just as obsessed with caching. We're no where close to some of the big numbers listed on here, but we're having fun, and I'm pretty sure that's the only thing that counts!

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First year (2007): 387, according to the stats on my profile page.


I was shooting for 500, but came to the conclusion that meeting that goal just really wasn't that important if it meant running around at night grabbing caches in parking lots (and it would have).


Currently working on a "Quadrangle Challenge" (a cache in each USGS Quadrangle in the SF Bay Area). Last day out we spent 12 hours driving 350 miles for 12 caches! I loved every minute of it and got to see some amazing and wonderful places I might never have visited (only one of which involved a parking lot!).


I love stats... just look at my profile, but it really is all about the journey and the friends I meet along the way.


Congrats on your milestone!



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As of today we have 192 finds and 6 hides. Our one year anniversary is in April '08. For us it's really not about the numbers...it's about the journey :D


I do have a question tho...for those of you that have the much higher numbers...do you remember them all? Just curious...I know I'm having a rough time recalling all of ours. The ones I do recall are where they took us some place interesting, beautiful and with history. ;) We have hopefully made our hides as such. ;)

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