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GSAK V.6 vs. V.7

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Sorry if this rehashes an old topic. We are just getting back into Geocaching after having our truck, along with my Garmin GPSMap 60c and my PDA stolen last September. I just ordered the Colorado 300 and was getting everything else set up to go caching when I noticed that this time the upgrade of GSAK will cost. I have been a registered user long enough that I can get a discount, but is V.7 worth it, or is it necessary to support the Colorado?





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I would say it depends on how much you use GSAK. I don't know much about the Colorado series, but I know with my 60Cx I use GSAK's grab from e-mail feature to grab all my PQ's, then use the macro that will crunch 6000+ caches into POI's to send to my Garmin via Garmin's POI loader. The entire process takes maybe 5 minutes to send an entire state's worth of data. I also use the FindStatGen macro a lot, just to see all the goofy stats they can come up with off the data.

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The biggest pluses with version 7 (for me) is:


1) It handles child waypoints much better and allows you to add and edit your own.

2) You can input coordinates in any format.

3) There are inset or split screen maps.

4) It is worth supporting a very great project.


Nothing will affect a Colorado. Colorados don't act like a "traditional" Garmin GPS. You simply transfer GPX files to the unit which shows up as a drive on your computer.

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