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Post your geocoin photos here


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Thanks for all the compliments!

My set-up is actually very simple. I use whatever light is in the room (no separate light source to light the coin). The coin is placed inside a semi-transparent lamp shade. Then, I set my camera on a tripod, set a custom white balance, and shoot the coin with a long exposure so that it isn't too dark. Finally, I sometimes modify the white balance some more on the computer and erase any really strong shadows if needed. Hope this helps!

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It's been a while. The 5th International Math Trade just completed and I took some photos of the coins I received in the trade. I've also got photos from last year's Math Trade that I never posted here. Most of these pictures were done quickly and might not be that good, but they do show the detail of the coins pretty well.


iCache V2 - Gold



Caching Time Two-Tone



2008 Earth Turtle - Gold/Blue



2009 Antique Silver/Gold Compass Rose



2009 Polished Nickel/Gold Compass Rose



2008 Celtic Peacock



Cosmolabe Geocoin



Dragon Ladon Antique Gold on Nickel



2009 Earth Day Suncatcher


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Does anyone know where I could get one of these coins? I have been looking for this very coin for some time now. Please contact me if you have one for sale or trade. Thanks




This thread is for high resolution photos, only. It is not for trade or sale requests please. We don't want to clutter it up with unrelated requests. Please use the pinned trading thread at the top of these forums.

Thank you.

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Spectacular photo, MotoCycleBoi! I love the composition, the dark background, and the depth of field.


Here's my latest. This is my Texas Geocaching Association 2006 geocoin I've had in my collection for way too long. Time to let this one go traveling around the geoworld! :ph34r: Its goal will be to visit places in Texas where my family vacationed when I was young(er). If you find it in a cache, please help it along on its journey.




Blue skies!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

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Seems like the only time I post new photos anymore is after the International Math Geocoin Trade. I've begun to receive my trade coins this year and have taken a few photos, so here you go...


Lotus Compass - Bast





Carousel Tiger - Copper



Celtic Turtle - Green/Gold



Celtic Turtle - Purple/Silver



Blue skies!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

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Okay, the 2007 Hong Kong geocoins have been placed into caches now to start their travels. Actually, they already traveled some with me and had a few extreme adventures before being released. A couple of the adventures even had video cameras rolling, so I posted links to the videos in the geocoins' logs. Hopefully these coins will travel far and wide and be seen and enjoyed by lots of geocachers.


Model Citizen's 2007 Hong Kong Geocoin

Model Citizen's 2007 Hong Kong Too Geocoin

Model Citizen's 2007 Hong Kong Dark Geocoin


Blue skies!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline

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Got a coin in from the 7th International Math Trade today. This is the SpaceGate antique bronze geocoin.




Blue skies!

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Thank you very much for all these great photos. I love them! You can see all the details of a coin better than having it in the hand for yourself :lol:

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I received a couple of Dragon Tails geocoins in the 7th International Math Geocoin Trade.


Here is the Dragon Tails Fire Version (red dragon on copper coin):




And the Dragon Tails Sapphire Version (blue dragon on gold coin):




Blue skies!

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Got some more geocoins in from the 7th International Math Trade. I was really pleased with the trades again. If you're not participating in it you should. It's a great way to trade coins. There were over 1,000 coins offered for trade.


Here's the Assassin's Respite antique silver and blue:



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The latest Math Trade coin I got in: Caching on the Moon. This was one of my top picks in the Math Trade because it comes with the deed to a parcel of land on the moon printed on the back of the coin. What a great idea!





Blue skies!

Model Citizen - Zero Discipline


Makes you think about 5 generations from now if a rare metal is found on that land.... will it really go to your family when it is mined?

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