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:)This log combined with this note appeared in my inbox today. I'm sure you can add to the list of what I shall describe as ICONIC LOGS. :)

I used to work with a bloke who wrote out his customer visit reports like that! :laughing:


This guy is some serious cacher. Out of 697 found, 347 were on consecutive days and 148 were FTF's! Puts us all to shame. :)


he is indeed! Gary is a very local cacher to us, and provides some good FTF competition when he can be bothered! His FTF numbers are nothing though - the serious FTF hound in this area is up near 400 FTFs! Which makes it especially enjoyable to beat him to an FTF, as we did today!



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It's been over a year since we enjoyed these "iconic logs" and I'm sure it must be time to post some of the newer ones from the last 12 months. Who's written, or seen, a log that's worthy of sharing with a wider public?


A second reason for bumping this topic, too...


I know there are many cachers out there who write amusing and/or detailed logs on caches, describing their (mis)adventures. If you're one of them, would you consider writing up a short geocaching story for The Online Geocacher magazine? It has recently been taken over by American cacher Joe Acamo (catsnfish) and, although contributors in the past have been mainly American, he is keen to broaden the readership by encouraging articles from geocachers all round the world. As he says on the home page


"Our mission is simple - to give geocachers around the world a free easy-to-use family-friendly publishing capability for their geocaching stories! You are invited to submit any article that is related to geocaching.

Our content comes from you, the geocaching community. Geocaching stories, news, product reviews. in fact anything geocaching-related will all be of interest to our readership, so send it in!"


So let's see some more good logs and maybe a few of you can be encouraged to put pen to paper fingers to keyboard to share your geocaching experiences globally.


MrsB ;)

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