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Lowrance XOG

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I looked at the XOG, but bought a Expedition C instead. I'm a long time Lowrance user, and a big fan of their units, but there were a few issues I had with it.


The biggest one was it felt delicate. I take a GPS into the woods and out in a kayak, it gets packed around a lot, it gets rained on, and my hands usually get dirty from poking around for the cache when I'm using it, so it's going to get a little dirt on it. The case didn't seem all that tough, but more than that is the Touch screen. I can clean dirt off rubber buttons and plastic with a damp cloth or wet wipes, but a touch screen is going to get dirty and is a lot more trouble to clean, and in my opinion might get damaged by being touched then cleaned a lot, at least over time.


I think the XOG would be a very cool unit, and I was tempted to get it, but overall for what "I" use it for it didn't seem like the best fit. You may be different, and not necessarily have the same issues I thought I would have with it.

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Just used it to find two local caches- I think it is so sweet. At first when arriving at a cache you need to change navigation mode from car to point-by-point. Also helps to zoom in by pressing anywhere on the map and hitting "+" I did this and it put me directly ontop of the cache. At $229 with a car adapter and winshield mount and the fact that out of the box it knows all 300 miles of dirt roads in my subdivision makes this the best GPSr I have ever used- almost makes it too easy as it holds your hand all the way to the cache!

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Today after finding a new cache I plugged the unit into the front of my computer and in a few mins I had my favorite Digital pictures and MP-3's loaded onto the unit. I am now listening to a Phil Hendrie IROC-Z clip I downloaded to the SD card...Richter cool GPSr!

[Edit] Almost forgot- it has the little geocache "treasure box" symbol just like a Garmin- only its cheaper and I believe much more bang per buck. ;)

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To revive an old topic, I also have been using the XOG and finding that it works well so far for what I need. Haven't put it through a long trip yet or any heavy dirt, but I have dropped it a couple of times and it luckily keeps ticking. Found that on my hunts that it almost always seems to put me right on the money for location.

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I have been using the Lowrance XOG for two weeks straight now it is a great unit I have never had a street navigator before thought I new all the roads, short cuts, back roads, of California and western Nevada I have found more with this little gem. I just got back from a 3 and a half day working trip and used the XOG for my navigation to 30 of my job sites from Bakersfield Ca. to Sacramento Ca. to Reno NV. to Mammoth Lakes Ca. to Ridgecrest Ca. then back to Bakersfield Ca. Caching all the way 155 finds out of 155.


The XOG has a nice size touch screen that works great, do not have to worry about buttons sticking.

Gets me within three feet of a cache without bouncing, every time. You need this when the cache is under a foot of snow. Make one three foot dia hole in the snow instead of a 10 to 15 foot dia hole. Works graet under under trees with thick snow covering them. Like up at Nordic, Ca.


What is even nicer is the back light is adjustable to three different settings bright for day time road navigation dim for night time diving. I like the size of the screen I do not have to use a magnify glass to see the letters and numbers of the waypoints. What Lowrance needs to make is a attachable handle to make it a hand held.

The rechargeable battery last 2 hours plus and can recharge in the car in between cache, nice.


The price for the Garmin Oregon 599.99 without street voice navigation.

The price for the Lowrance XOG 160.97 W/shipping and tax from walmart.com


Wow, time for beer thirty with louse change. 439.02 = 49 six packs of Sierra Nevada with tax and crv.


Want to party.

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