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Easter cointest

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And the winner with the most posts is dardevle with 440 posts. :D


The random winner is The-Wolf-Pack we got this one after 3 attempts where dardevle was the winner!!


Because the many posts we decided set all who has been posted here into a list so every one has the same chance and from this list we take another random winner.

The extra random winner is R/Gbots he also get a poffertjes coin.


440 = dardevle :D

256 = The-Wolf-Pack :D


030 = 501_Gang

026 = Ble68

023 = fairyhoney

016 = GBOTS

012 = PengoFamily

008 = wavesprite

006 = sweetlife

004 = 007BigD

004 = DaFunkyFrogs

004 = gardengorilla

003 = Steinwälzer

002 = menace66

002 = E&Cplus3

002 = Mousekakat

002 = Dorsetgal & GeoDog

001 = dimkasmir

001 = grodan & fiabus

001 = hollora

001 = jipow

001 = KrazyTrollz

001 = R/GBOTS :D

001 = The Skylark Four

001 = TheCollector

001 = ThePetersTrio

001 = wwflover13

001 = tsunrisebey

001 = lorca.nl

001 = jadearcher

001 = krashalaska

001 = islander1988

001 = LadeBear68

001 = vw_keychain


:DWe hope everybody has as much fun as we had with this cointest. :huh:


:)We thank everybody who posted into this thread and make this cointest such a success. :)


We ask the winners to send there address to us.

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No, We THANK YOU for hosting such a fun cointest :huh: . It was hilarious to see those 3 "go for it".

It was Truly obvious that Dardevle wanted to make sure e posted the most :):) .


So, congratulations to All of the winners. HUGS to all :D


To tell you the truth, WE were the winners being able to see all those cool eggs that were posted :D

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That is sooooo cool that I won. It looks like I did not need that extra


push this morning. It makes me laugh now about the time it took to post


440 times. UFF-DAH! :) CONGRATULATIONS to The-Wolf-Pack


and to R/Gbots. When GATOULIS started to post fast and furious this morning


I went into panic mode and posted all the pics I had. HMMMMM :) Thank you for


the cointest Geo.Error. It was alot of fun and I actually learned a little more about Easter


because of it. That is very nice of you to give away 3 coins also. I hope you had a Very


Happy Easter and thanks again Geo.Error!! :D:D:D:huh: Time to get ready for


our fishing trip!!


(E-Mail also heading your way!)

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