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The history of dying Easter eggs:


Early Christians used red colored eggs to symbolize the Resurrection. England began the tradition of writing and drawing on eggs, by putting messages and dates on eggs, then exchanging them with friends and loved ones. In the 1800's, with the industrial revolution under way, ornate candied eggs were created. They were open on one end and a scene was put inside. They were used as table centerpieces.

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Easter One-Liners


Q: How do bunnies stay healthy?

A: Eggercise


Q: What do you get when you cross a chicken and the Easter Bunny?

A: A good Easter.


Q: What do you call Easter when you are hopping around?

A: Hoppy Easter!


Q: "Why are you studying your Easter candy?"

A: "I'm trying to decide which came first-the chocolate chicken or the chocolate egg!"


Q: What do you get when you find a rabbit with no hair?

A: A hairless hare!


Q: Why are people always tired in April?

A: Because they just finished a march


Q: Why did the Easter egg hide?

A: He was a little chicken!


Q: What do you call a bunny with a large brain?

A: An egghead.

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Zodiak sign, The Rabbit.


Those following traditional Irish astrology consider people born in the Year of the Rabbit to make ideal diplomats or politicians. In Chinese astrological thought, a "rabbit person" is graceful, cultured and well-mannered. Although Rabbit people get along well with many people, at heart they are considered to be basically reserved creatures, and are only truly happy when engrossed in some sort of scholarly or intellectual activity. Rabbit people are considered too sensitive for the world around them; they are not able to thrive in competitive or aggressive environments, and are anxious when others force them to take risks. Their inner world is considered too delicate for unsettled or unpredictable situations, and they tend to create peaceful and comfortable atmospheres--like rabbit dens--instinctively. According to traditional Chinese astrology, this characteristic makes them very hospitable and attentive people, who take care of those around them.


The average Rabbit person emphasizes the importance of small details. They pay attention to everything from color, design and furniture to food and conversation. And only when they are sure that everything has been arranged as they wish can these people relax and have fun.


People born in the year of the Rabbit often lead a conservative lifestyle where one of the most important things is their security. This quality has a negative side also: opting for safety over risk, they may miss good opportunities. These people are not frivolous or irresponsible, for when they truly believe in something, they are serious, persevering and capable.


Calm as they are, it is not easy to provoke Rabbit people. They are sentimental and compassionate. They can be moved by the personal problems you share with them.

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As I look out my window, reflect this is the first day of Spring and watch the snow come down, I am reminded this is Maundy Thursday. A day of preparation for the Holy Holiday of Easter.


Yes, Easter like Christmas is a special religious day - sometimes forgotten in the hipe of the economic excitement of the holiday. We have restaurants who advertise for folks to dine with them; Walmart and other stores selling baskets, shredded artificial grass, baskets, plastic eggs, stuffed bunnies, and loads of other stuff; and then - our religious homes all trying to get folks to come for just one sound bite of a religious message ~ either at Sunrise or a regular service.


One thing, which, I believe, has not yet become lost is a focus on being with family during the Easter day. Family and sometimes friends without family can usually be found sitting around a table of food enjoying companionship during this special day. Sometimes even laughing over the children searching for eggs.


May everyone enjoy the magic of this special time and evolution of spring over this weekend. Embrace those who mean much to you. Time is short - relationships valuable - family and friends priceless. Happy Easter!

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-JUDI M. PHELPS 1 Rabbit; disjointed


3 T Butter


1 1/2 ts Salt; optional


1/2 ts Freshly ground black pepper


2 T Flour


1/4 c Beef broth


1/2 c Dry white wine


4 sl Bacon; diced


12 sm White onions


1 cl Garlic; minced (it really


-needs 2 or 3) 1/2 lb Mushrooms; sliced


Clean, wash, and dry the rabbit. Melt the butter in a Dutch oven. Brown the rabbit in it. Sprinkle with the salt (optional), pepper, and flour, stirring until the flour browns. Add the broth and wine; bring to a boil, cover and cook over low heat 45 minutes to one hour or until tender. While the rabbit is cooking, brown the bacon lightly in a skillet; pour off half the fat. Add the onions; saute until golden. Add the garlic and mushrooms; saute 3 minutes. Add this mixture to the rabbit; cook 15 minutes longer or until the rabbit is tender. Note: If mixture seems dry, you can add a little more beef broth or wine to the mixture while it is cooking.


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Ohh two chances to win a coin from my wishlist - Thanks for the cointest Geo.Error!


Tomorrow my parents, sister and I are driving down to the beach to visit family over the Easter weekend.

Here's a picture of my old bunny, who passed away a couple years ago:



His name was Rabbit-E after Robert E. Lee (CSA General during the Civil War)

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Oh, the Easter Bunny's coming, she's the one I long to see.

She's got eggs in her basket, she's bringing them to me.

I'm looking out the window and I hope she gets here quick,

I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.


Oh, I love Easter Sunday and it comes round every year

Right now I'm so excited cause the Easter Bunny's here!

The Easter eggs are lovely, with swirls on them because,

The Easter Bunny paints them with her little furry paws.


We'll take the eggs and hide them, all up and down the hill,

And I'll go back to find them with my little brother, Bill.

We will pile up all the goodies and I'll eat all I can take,

And then end Easter Sunday with a big old belly ache.


Now sing briskly:


Oh, the Easter Bunny's coming, she's the one I long to see.

She's got eggs in her basket, she's bringing them to me.

I'm looking out the window and I hope she gets here quick,

I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick.


I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick!


I need marshmallow bunnies and a little chocolate chick!

—Grandpa Tucker

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On good friday at our church I get to play Jesus in our church play.


Then on Easter sunday we get together with my wifes family for a breakfast.


Then around 3:oopm we will head over to my folks for a early dinner and go


looking for easter baskets. My mom gives all us kids clues as to where to find


another clue.....and finally find our easter basket. Easter is a great time of year


to use Geocaching in a way to hide and find easter baskets.


Thanks for the Cointest Geo.Error. :laughing::rolleyes:

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Easter Joy


Jesus came to earth,

To show us how to live,

How to put others first,

How to love and how to give.


Then He set about His work,

That God sent Him to do;

He took our punishment on Himself;

He made us clean and new.


He could have saved Himself,

Calling angels from above,

But He chose to pay our price for sin;

He paid it out of love.


Our Lord died on Good Friday,

But the cross did not destroy

His resurrection on Easter morn

That fills our hearts with joy.


Now we know our earthly death,

Like His, is just a rest.

We'll be forever with Him

In heaven, where life is best.


So we live our lives for Jesus,

Think of Him in all we do.

Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.

Help us love like you!

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Jelly Bean Stew


I'm making Jelly Bean stew

And this is what I'll add

Every color of jelly beans

All the kinds I've had


We'll put in a pinch of magic

One rainbow, finely diced

And to add to the mixture

A little sugar and spice


Then to give it the right taste

We'll add a child's dream

Add some imagination

Now to let it steam


This is how to make Jelly Bean Stew

In a imaginary way

This will make you smile

And maybe brighten your day

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"Here Comes Peter Cottontail"



Here comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' down the bunny trail,

Hippity hoppity,

Easter's on its way


Bringin' ev'ry girl and boy

A basketful of Easter joy

Things to make your Easter

Bright and gay


He's got jelly beans for Tommy

Colored eggs for sister Sue

There's an orchid for your mommy

And an Easter bonnet too. Oh!


Here' comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppity

Happy Easter Day


Look at him hop and listen to him say,

"Try to do the things you should"

Maybe if you're extra good

He'll roll lots of Easter eggs your way


You'll wake up on Easter morning

And you'll know that he was there

When you find those choc'late bunnies That he's hiding ev’rywhere, Oh!


Here' comes Peter Cottontail

Hoppin' down the bunny trail

Hippity hoppity

Happy Easter Day.

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* Exported from MasterCook *


Elephant Stew


Recipe By : Glenellyn Elder

Serving Size : 999 Preparation Time :999:0

Categories :

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method

-------- ------------ --------------------------------

1 large elephant

plenty of brown gravy

salt & pepper to taste

2 whole rabbits -- optional


Cut elephant into bite-size pieces (allow about 2 months to do this). Hold

aside trunk, you can use it to store the pieces.

Put elephant in large (very large) pot; add enough gravy to cover. Cook over

kerosene fire at 450 degrees for about 4 weeks, or until golden brown.

Serves 3,800. If more guest are expected, 2 rabbits may be added. However,

this should be done only if absolutely necessary. Most people do not like to

find hare in their stew.



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Of course the only thing i can think of now is the first Easter we had our Dachshund, Louis. He was a wee pup and we were quite inexperienced...the children left their bunnies within reach while we went to Easter mass. When we came back our poor Louis had 'puddled' chocolate all over the carpet. He was pretty gonzo (high) for a while but he came around. He still had a taste for chocolate though.

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'Twas the day before Easter

..and all through the woods,

The bunnies were busy

packing their goods.

The eggs were all colored

so pretty and bright,

All things were "go"

for the big, special night.


The baskets were waiting,

all decorated with care,

In hopes that the Bunny

soon would be there.

My little brother Sam

was asleep in his bed,

While visions of Easter eggs

rolled round his head.


And I in my pajamas

with the cat on my lap,

I had just settled down

for a quick little nap.

When outside the window

I heard a great noise,

I sprang from my chair

and jumped over some toys.


As quick as a flash

to the window I flew,

I pulled up the shade

and, OH, what a view.

The moon on the meadow

cast a bright golden glow

And the wind blew the flowers

to and then fro.


Then all of a sudden

from out of nowhere,

Came some lively bunnies,

hopping here, hopping there!

Leading the group

with ears long and funny

Was a plump, all-white rabbit...

That's right...the EASTER BUNNY!


The bunnies hopped past,

one, two, three, four,

The rabbit called out

and then there were more.

"Come, Peter!, Come, Flopsy!,

Come, Benny!, Come, Joe!

Now hop along! Hop along! Hop along! GO!"


So up on each doorstep

the bunnies did hop,

With baskets of eggs.

(Let's hope they don't drop)!

Just at that moment,

on the porch down below,

Came the stomping of feet

'Twas the rabbit, I know!


As I stepped from my window

I heard a loud sound.

Through the door came the rabbit

with a leap and a bound.

He was furry and soft

from his head to his feet.

To see him so close

was really quite neat.


He was surrounded by eggs

that had been carefully dyed.

Easter eggs galore he soon would hide.

His eyes were all twinkles,

His nose was so pink,

And I can't be too sure,

but I think he did wink.


He had a kind face

and a big fluffy tail

That bobbed up and down

like a boat with a sail.

A twitch of his nose

and a flick of his ear

Was his way of saying,

"You've nothing to fear."


He uttered no sound

as he hopped all about

Hiding the eggs and leaving no doubt,

That the Easter bunny had come

like he does every year...

Bringing baskets of happiness

to children so dear.

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The Easter Bunny

by M. Josephine Todd, 1909


There's a story quite funny,

About a toy bunny,

And the wonderful things she can do;

Every bright Easter morning,

Without warning,

She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.


Some she covers with spots,

Some with quaint little dots,

And some with strange mixed colors, too --

Red and green, blue and yellow,

But each unlike his fellow

Are eggs of every hue.


And it's odd, as folks say,

That on no other day

In all of the whole year through,

Does this wonderful bunny,

So busy and funny,

Color eggs of every hue.


If this story you doubt

She will soon find you out,

And what do you think she will do?

On the next Easter morning

She'll bring you without warning,

Those eggs of every hue.

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Meeting the Easter Bunny

by Rowena Bennett, 1930


On Easter morn at early dawn

before the cocks were crowing

I met a bob-tail bunnykin

and asked where he was going.

"Tis in the house and out the house

a-tispy, tipsy-toeing,

Tis round the house and 'bout the house

a-lighlty I am going."

"But what is that of every hue

you carry in your basket?"

"Tis eggs of gold and eggs of blue;

I wonder that you ask it.


"Tis chocolate eggs and bonbon eggs

and eggs of red and gray,

For every child in every house

on bonny Easter day."

He perked his ears and winked his eye

and twitched his little nose;

He shook his tail -- what tail he had --

and stood up on his toes.

"I must be gone before the sun;

the east is growing gray;

Tis almost time for bells to chime." --

So he hippety-hopped away.

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Easter Isn't Easy


I heard a funny bunny say,

"I just go nuts on Easter day.

I hide about a zillion eggs

And baskets tangle up my legs.


"I'm tired, my eyes are full of tears

And overflowing to my ears.

If I'm to work more Easter Days

At my age I should change my ways


"I know I must do something rash

So I'll start saving all my cash

Then next year, with a little luck

I'll deliver in my pick up truck."

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Cotton ball Easter egg


Supplies needed: 81/2x11 white construction paper

Pastel colored cotton balls

Child safe scissors

Stick glue


Take the construction paper and fold it in half length wise.


Take your scissors and cut out a half oval shape along the non folded edge, making sure that one end is cut a little flat (oval at the top, flat/straight on the bottom), you can draw it out with a pencil first to help with the cutting.


Open your paper and it should look like an egg (this is similar to cutting out a valentine heart).


Put glue on section of the egg and apply various colored cotton balls, continue until the entire egg is covered.


For the more creative one, try putting the colored cotton balls on in some type of pattern.


Let dry and hang on wall or refrigerator for all to see!!!!

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He loved and died


When He was being beaten and spat upon

When His flesh was being torn by the whip

When His back was scourged,

Then He saw me being baptized

and so He permitted them to do so.


When the crown was crushed into His head

When He tasted His own blood

When the thorns pierced His flesh,

Then He saw me praying

and so He killed them not.


When His cross was so heavy that he fell

When He carried wood on His torn flesh

When He wished simply to move no more,

Then He saw me in confession,

and so He got up and walked on.


When His hands were being pierced

When He hung from a cross

When His side was bleeding,

Then He said I love YOU.

and so He died.

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Now these look good!! :laughing:


Chocolate Cream Easter Eggs


Ingredients :

1 package white frosting mix

5 tablespoons soft butter

3 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons hot water

1/2 cup chopped candied fruit or 1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)

1 package chocolate fudge frosting mix

Preparation :

Combine frosting mix with soft butter, flour, water and if desired, chopped fruit or nuts. Knead 20-30 times on board lightly dusted with confectioners sugar. Divide and shape into 8 eggs; chill. Coat eggs with Chocolate Fudge Frosting mix by dipping egg into frosting, ending with a swirl on top. Keep frosting mix over hot water while dipping the eggs. Decorate with white frosting mix tinted with pastel colors.

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A few Woodsies and a little imagination turn into this simple Bunny Pin--a cute Easter gift for kids to make for their friends.



What you'll need:


1 large round Woodsies

2 medium teardrop Woodsies

2 small teardrop Woodsies

1 (1/4") pink Pom poms

2 (10 MM) Wiggle eyes

Tacky glue

White craft paint

Pink craft paint


Red thin line "Painters" paint markers or permanent marker

Jewelry pin back



How to make it:


Paint the round Woodsies white.

Paint the 2 medium teardrop Woodsies white.

Paint the 2 small teardrop Woodsies pink.

Let all pieces dry.

Glue the Woodsies pieces together as shown in the photograph.

Glue the eyes and pom pom nose on the round Woodsies as shown in the photograph.

Use the red paint marker or permanent marker to draw on the eyebrows and mouth.

Let glue dry.

Glue the jewelry pin back to the back of the round Woodsies.

Wear and enjoy!

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Here is a second post for us, we found this in Wall Drug South Dakota





Val takin a ride on the easter bunny


look at the size of that jackalope

Vals Mom (Masscityfinn) told us not to come home with out a picture of a jackalope. This was the only one we found.

Barry and Valarie of sweetlife

Happy Easter everybody

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"Jellybean Psychology"


Psychologists have


that the way you eat

Easter jellybeans

can reveal your personality.


If you eat all your favorites

first, you live for the moment

and like instant gratification.


If you save your favorites

for last, you're a


person — maybe too

self-disciplined —

as you plan for a future

that may never arrive.


If you eat them in no particular order,

you take life as it comes.

You make no effort to control

your own destiny.

Perhaps your lackadaisical attitude

has created chaos

in your once contented

and organized life...!


Wait a minute!

Who cares what a bunch

of headshrinkers say?

In fact, why eat jellybeans

when you can go for

the chocolate rabbit?



And have a Happy Easter.

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This will be our first Easter in our (new to us) home very excited.... We will get up in the morning have breakfast run around the house looking for Easter rabbit "droppings" that lead to the "loot" then we will get ready for Church...After Church we will all set around the table say grace and thank the good Lord for our many blessings and ask him to help those who are in need....We will eat turkey, potatos, carrots, turnip, cabbage, home made stuffing ( yumm ), gravy and don't forget the crandberry sauce....Sighs then Dishes

:D After that we will watch the children bounce off the walls from the chocolate :(

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